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Prosulfocarb, the judge will consider a request for a stay tomorrow

Updated on 07/19

Unfortunately, on July 19, the Administrative Court of Amiens rejected our request for an emergency suspension of the approval of Fixy, a product based on prosulfocarb produced by the top SAS company.

The main criticism of our NGOs and unions: the instability of the molecule leads to its dispersion in fields and its presence in organic production and buckwheat. However, according to the court, if the companies have properly justified the loss of production, “they do not provide the elements, especially in terms of loss of arable land, loss of production or turnover or even loss of market value. Land, making it possible for farmers to realize the true extent of the consequences.” ”, Agra Press advised. We intend to continue our efforts by filing “Requests on Merit” for six marketing approvals for molecular products.

Paris, 07/12/2022. Tomorrow, the administrative court in Amiens will study the possibility of suspending the marketing of prosulfocarb, one of 19 synthetic pesticides based on Fixi. The extreme volatility of this molecule, used in the fall to treat inorganic crops, creates massive pollution of the environment every year. No effective safeguards have yet been put in place, with organic producers losing their crops without compensation for the past two years. FNAB and Generations Future are therefore taking legal action to end the damage at its source.

A verdict is expected in July

As ANSES rejected a request by FNAB and Générations Futures last April to revoke Fixy’s commercial approval, on July 1, our companies detained the judge in chambers to request an immediate suspension of the marketing of this product.

“To prevent the destruction of new organic crops and to leave producers without a solution, we have no choice but to try to prevent the use of prosulfocarb this year, so our intention is to request a ban on all prosulfocarb-based products used in France. Fall,” Philippe Camburet, president of FNAB, explains.

Persistent and widespread pollution

Prasulfocarb is the 2nd most used herbicide in France after glyphosate. This highly volatile substance can travel “several kilometers” in the air, according to a scientific note from ANSES[1]. Therefore, this substance is found in regular air and surface water analysis and contaminates more plots cultivated in organic farming.

In 2018, ANSES implemented strict rules of use to avoid the risk of contamination. But an assessment done four years later shows that pollution is increasing. Contaminated batches are destroyed as contamination exceeds health standards and contaminated producers receive no compensation as no one responsible can be identified.

“Prosulfocarb is so volatile that it can be found in significant concentrations miles away from where it is used, contaminating ecosystems. This type of pesticide has an uncontrolled spread in the environment and the products that contain it have nothing to do in the French and European markets!” said Francois Vailleret, spokesperson for Generations Future. .

[1] Scientific and technical support note from ANSES, 16 November 2017

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