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Quimper Halls of the Future Moved to a Red Flood Zone – What is the future of Quimper Halls?

Let’s be frank, this is a point that eluded us at the beginning of January when the project management competition for the construction of Quimper’s Future Hall in La Providence was launched. In one of the sketches defining the scope of the project, however, a gray circle appeared that should have alerted us. Intended to represent the footprint of the future hall, it outgrows this BN 713 plot of 1,500 m2 which initially contained 49 individual garages that disappeared to accommodate the building. By the end of 2021, the city has introduced public utility procedures to evict box owners, about fifteen, who refuse to sell.

Project in the documents of the city of Quimper. (The Telegram/City of Quimper)

In car parking and flood zones

A further ten meters north is a move that is not insignificant. First, because the future hall will take over the car park with about fifty spaces located between the “Le vin dans les voiles” establishment and the early childhood center and is settling in a part of the Quimper market every Saturday. Then since the halls will partially cross a yellow line, the flood risk prevention plan will move from a sector classified as orange to a red sector, so no construction is prohibited.

The future Halles de la Providence may be located between the yellow zone and the red zone of the flood plan of the city of Quimper.
The future Halles de la Providence may be located between the yellow zone and the red zone of the flood plan of the city of Quimper. (The Telegram/Screenshot)

It is the opposition of Quimper (let’s return Caesar) which, during the Municipal Council on Thursday, raised this “potato” (hot), as qualified on several occasions. Elected officials opposed the Hall move and those who found Moulin au Duc’s grain to grind with the move.

Stagnation for the opposition

“I feel that garage acquisition is a serious problem, owners are not letting it go and the right solution is to deviate from it. So you go from the halls to the Glacière car park,” Ludovic Jolivet introduced. Claire Lavery-Gerrard wondered about the height of the building “which could be on a landlocked site and be over 9m, which must take into account the environment, such as the bar terrace, the brightness in the bookshop, the houses in the alley”.

Quimper's future halls have moved into a red flood zone
(The Telegram/Yves Madec)

Guillaume Mengui mentions the risk of flooding. “If you propose this, it is due to preliminary research. With a construction flood risk and adaptation of the building to a significant rise. The data is surprising and powerful. This project is the burden of the revision of the PPRI, which includes everything. And we learn that the Hyper Center Nearby, a heavily used car park will disappear in favor of a public amenity. Stun”. “It’s aimed at motorists,” added Valerie Postic.

The City acknowledged that “the project has been slightly altered.”

Very quietly, David Lesvenan, city planning assistant, confirmed that the city “changed the project and its location a bit with the possibility of putting a few garages under the plot for the residents of the city center.” Regarding moving to the red zone, the elected official indicated that the City is currently working with state services on a new PPRI plan. “If we can transfer to the Glacière car park in this way, because we have worked on a possible buildability there, it is a somewhat complicated calculation that m2 will be cut from the whole welfare zone”.

About parking and traffic, he was hardly worried. “This large city center car park has untapped potential. Motorists will find themselves there in terms of space available.

Arguments that didn’t really convince the opposition. Ludovic Jolivet has already announced on his Facebook page that he wants to seize control of the prefect and legitimation to cancel the February 3 talks.

The future of Quimper is: what will they have in store?

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