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Quimper’s Future Hall: Five Precepts Architects Must Follow – What is the future of Quimper’s halls?

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  • “Gourmet, modern halls, open to the city, which are a meeting place for Quimperois and whose uses are intended to be more diverse. All quality products, concern targets above short circuit”. Here are the objectives that Project Management candidates can read from December 27 about Quimper’s future halls, located 230 meters from the current halls. The city mentions animations specifically related to healthy food and cooking in its ambitions. These halls should be in direct proximity to the existing stair market.

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  • The project is to be completed in 1,062 m2 floor space. An estimated budget allocated to the works is €4.70 million (excluding VAT). Equipment should be designed in such a way as to minimize any disturbance to the surroundings as much as possible. The building will be spread over three levels. It will house all the stalls on the ground floor, with a pleasant space. At entrances and main aisles, a clear height of 3.5 meters must be preserved for the passage of maintenance or cleaning equipment. A multipurpose space will be located upstairs, including a restaurant. On the roof, a “rooftop” will be created “specifically enhancing the view of the stairwell”.

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  • The community expects transparent tools, which will enable the connection between internal and external use. “It should also promote new atmosphere conducive to wandering, tasting, confidence and commercialism”. This ensures that it will be particularly attentive to the global environmental approach of future equipment from the stage of offerings. “In this general adaptation, it will be a question, above all, of limiting energy consumption by favoring renewable energy sources to expand indoor air in cold periods: geothermal energy, solar wind collectors…”.

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  • About 35 businesses are to be accommodated in and around the food hall. Stores already exist, or new ones appear. Apart from stalls, 18 reserve/cold cabinets of 4 m2 will be provided above. Closing solutions will be studied in the specifications to preserve a clear view of the interior of the hall and to protect the stalls individually while maintaining a pleasant atmosphere even in case of closure.

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  • (City of Quimper)

    In addition to enhancing commercial continuity, reconfiguration of circulation and parking around the building will be required. The redevelopment of Providence’s parking lot is noted, with the creation of a lane allowing for the development of a square for the entry and exit lanes of delivery trucks as well as a pedestrian route to Hat Red’s crossing. A reconfiguration of the sidewalks on the Boulevard du Moulin au Duc (soil covering, alignment of established trees, pedestrian continuity with the commercial passage of the Red Hat) is also scheduled. The project manager will have recommendations for squares, alley concepts at each entrance, and location of parking spaces for deliveries and waste removal from the building.

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