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Reggae-Jean Page, from Bridgerton to James Bond? The actor gets huge support!

Rumors have been circulating for a year and a half but nothing has been officially announced yet. The Russo brothers are more than supportive of seeing Reggae-Jean Page play James Bond.

Continuity under this notice

What if Reggae-Jean Page was the next James Bond? From the role in Bridgerton ChronicleRegé-Jean Page has become a favorite to replace Daniel Craig in 007. Rumors have been swirling among English bookmakers since January 2021, and speculation is rife, although producer Barbara Broccoli wants to put a stop to it. “No one was in the running.” However, we see him well in the suit of the most famous secret agent in the world. In addition, in The gray man – The new action film of Joe and Anthony Russo on Netflix – the 34-year-old actor plays a secret agent, but not a heroic British spy, but a worse boss than the CIA. In an exclusive interview with the Radio Times English website, the Rousseau brothers said they would consider jumping into Bond films if Reg-Jean Page replaces Craig.

Reggae-Jean Page, “We’ll see him do anything.” The Rousseau brothers say

Continuity under this notice

“He’s wonderful. I mean, he’s got more grace on his little finger than most people have on their whole body. So, you know, we’ll see him do anything—I mean, we’ll see him read the phone book!”Joe Russo shouted. “[C’est un] A very talented performer and [il a] Very attractive.”added his brother Anthony. We will meet the actor in the new version Dungeons and Dragons: Honor ThievesMarch 2023 Inspired by the popular role-playing game.

Reggae-Jean Page’s fans are disappointed

Reggae-Jean Page has been approached to join another MCU franchise, and specifically to play Adam Warlock in it. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. But the role was eventually awarded to Will Pouter. So for fans of Reggae-Jean Page who could have seen him reuniting the much-loved Marvel universe, it’s disappointing, especially since he confirmed he won’t be returning to it anytime soon. Bridgerton Chronicle, The shooting for the 3rd season has started. Even leaving the field open for sequels to hire a new actor to replace Simon Bassett.

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