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Renault’s agenda for the planned future through 2025

Since the arrival of Luca Di Meo two years ago, Renault has finally lifted its head above water, as evidenced by the group’s financial results. In addition, recently added that the diamond symbol is “out of the emergency room” and will remain with Renault “The best range for thirty years”.

Specifically, let’s talk about this new range of diamond cars that tend to become electric, as we saw with the arrival of the new Renault Megane e-Tech, which was first in sales in the ranking of electric cars in France last July. The year 2022 does not stop on such a good path as it is a new SUV that will make its appearance during the year before the return of the legendary models in the next three years. Here is Renault’s innovation calendar.

From the New Mégane E-Tech to the new Renault Austral in 2022

A revelation since the beginning of the year, the New Renault Megane e-Tech made a significant entry into the French market with over 20,000 orders recorded and top electric car sales last July, when it was only marketed last May.

Check out the test video:

Faced with its hot rival in recent days, it will not be the only novelty this year as a new SUV will appear, replacing the current Kadjar, whose production has stopped a few weeks ago. Called the Austral, this novelty, which we presented to you in preview at the beginning of the year, aims to compete with the market benchmark, the Peugeot 3008.

To do this, the latter is equipped with the modern and technological dashboard of the Renault Mégane E-Tech and adopts a new finish, the Alpine line. Based on the same platform as the new Nissan Qashqai, the Austral will apparently be offered in an electric version.

Presented in spring 2021, the new range of Diamond brand utilities will also get electrified blocks. Even Cangu will take the opportunity to reveal his expanded form.

Rebuilds are planned for the Clio and Captur in 2023

City cars will be restyled

Not big news expected for 2023 but restyling of well-known models. The Clio and Captur will undergo some changes to adopt the brand’s new design elements. So we should look for a new logo, and possibly a dashboard with an OpenR Link multimedia system.

It has just been marketed that the Austral should come in a new coupe version, pending the relaunch of the Arcana in 2024. A 7-seater version will also be studied to compete with another Peugeot model, the 5008.

2024, the return of a myth called R5

R5 is making a comeback!

The year 2024 is undoubtedly the most anticipated year by brands and car enthusiasts. Many motorists have told us that they can’t wait for the Renault 5 to return.

Unveiled in January 2021 during the redefinition plan, which was presented at the last Retromobile show, this icon will be reborn from its ashes in 2024 in the form of a 100% electric car whose design recalls the features of the 70s version. Renault confirms this, it wants to maintain its status as a popular vehicle and therefore wants to appear at a reasonable price, around 20,000 € we are talking.

In 2020, Renault unveiled a concept car called Morphoz, which defined the future of family cars. The latter may see the light of day as the Renault Scenic, another concept the brand presented at the Change Now show. In any case, the family vehicle will leave the minivan style to pass in the form of an SUV and will land in early 2024.

After the R5, it’s the 4L’s return in 2025

Long in suspense but finally verified and announced by boss Luca De Meo, is a second emblematic model of the brand that will return this year, the 4L. The one that celebrated its 60th birthday last year should come in the form of a small crossover, so bigger than the future R5. Obviously also 100% electric, it will also be offered in a van form.

In addition, the French manufacturer will offer a fairly complete range of electric models for the B and C segments of city cars and compacts. It remains to be seen what the manufacturer has in store for us next, which intends to offer only electric vehicles by 2030.

The decade will be a busy one for the entire group as Dacia and Alpine also wrap up their run with several expected new features.

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