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Rental Real Estate: Surface, Exhibits… Future Conditions of Eligibility for Pinel+

This November, guest of the “Grand Rendez-Vous de l’Immobilier” (Capital / Radio Imo), Pascal Boulanger, president of the Federation of Property Developers (FPI), detailed the outline of the future Pinel rental investment system that will be completely renovated from 2023. On this date, the residence must meet a certain number of comfort criteria (size, exposure, etc.) to qualify for the maximum reduction rate of the pineal system (12% of the acquisition cost for a lease commitment over 6 years, 18 for over 9 years % or 21% for 12 years).

The housing must hold specific minimum surfaces: 28 square meters for a T1, 45 square meters for a T2, 62 square meters for a T3, 79 square meters for a T4 and 96 square meters for a T5. They must provide a private outdoor space, such as a balcony, and a double exposure from T3. Year of rent, 15% for 9 years and 17.5% for 12 years in 2023, then 9%, 12% and 14% in 2024 for the same period). Pascal Boulanger gives us a complete topo of who is preparing to properly understand market developments. Watch our interview in the video above.

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