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Réseau Entrepreneur Hainaut: “SMEs creating future ETIs”

Founded 35 years ago by André Mouliez, the réseau entrepreneur Hainaut was born from a simple vision: “To create jobs, create employers.Belonging to a national entrepreneurial network of more than 70 associations, Réseau Entreprendre Hainaut covers the regions of Valenciennes, Sambre-Avesnois, Douaisis and Cambrésis. In total, 130 business leaders are currently supported in their creation, takeover or development projects (investment, fundraising, etc.). In 2021, buyers represented 80% of members compared to 20% for creators. Over the years, this private network based in La Sentinel has become a key player in supporting business leaders in Hanoi.

Regardless of the sector of activity and the size of the company (start-up, VSE-SME, ETI), all leaders can be supported by the network if they employ at least Five employees in three years. “Our mission is to make our SMEs the ETIs of the future, growth drivers and job creators“, president slips. In Hainaut, thanks even more to the development of industry, construction, services and digital, in particular, the Transalley and Greenhouse digital clusters.

“Remove all anxiety of the leader”

Both creation and recovery can be scary. Our role is to remove all the worries of the manager and offer him a 360-degree global view of creating or taking over a business. We help our members shape their thinking and express themselves as a leader», since 2019 President Cecil Mason (see framed). To combat the loneliness of leaders, Réseau Entreprendre Hainaut organizes monthly highlights such as company visits among members, discussion evenings and round tables on themes.Proximity and solidarity are core values ​​of the network. Our members meet monthly to share their fears as well as their successes, engage in complete transparency, and seek advice from one another.“, explains Cecil Mason. There is also a sponsorship system that allows winners* to help with some areas of development.

How to join Réseau Entreprendre Hainaut?

12 to 14 winners join the network each year. After all, they are looking for support, advice, but also a respectable loan. These loans to business leaders range between €15,000 and €50,000. When a project leader requests a network, the candidate must attend five meetings during which the project is examined by members of the network. “We prepare candidates for a commitment committee. To join the network, it requires a unanimous vote of all members. Being a winner is a label, after all, a real recognition, but Especially a leverage effect on financing from other banks», to explain Melissa Nabais-Moreno, director of the network.

Very specific program

Réseau Entreprendre Hainaut offers various programs to its members. We find impact programs to assist managers in their positive environmental and social impact (CSR). The booster program aims to support companies at the development stage. About the women’s entrepreneurship program Wom’Energy, it is specifically adapted for women entrepreneurs and helps demonstrate that Réseau Entreprendre is a mixed network of business leaders. Finally, the Inov’ program offers candidates an offer specifically adapted to innovative projects.

A certain optimism despite the current context

Although order books are full, Hainaut’s companies are facing recruitment pressures, rising energy prices and difficulties in procuring raw materials. “Despite the worries, the morale of the troops is quite goodThe President testifies. Recovery is here, leaders are ready. But in today’s complex context they come with each other to recharge their batteries, that is the power of the network. Faced with a shortage of job candidates, Réseau Entreprendre Hainaut works hand in hand with employment actors and encourages its members to improve their employer brand and their recruitment methods.

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