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Rocket League: James Bond is back for his 60th birthday

A year ago, Psyonix introduced us Collaboration with the world of James BondIt allows players to grab content from the store. For James Bond’s 60th anniversary, these things are back in Rocket League, but so are those presented at the end of 2021.

The return of James Bond in RL

So there are many items for sale in the shop, Aston Martin DBS package, car, tires, but also allows you to recover the banner of the player. Players can earn James Bond credits separately, which are sold for 300 credits.

Aston Martin DBS Package (1,100 credits)

  • Car 007 Aston Martin DBS (Dominus hitbox)
  • Engine noise 007’s Aston Martin DBS
  • 007 Aston Martin DBS wheel
  • A description of real life
  • Aston Martin DBS Player Banner

The package is also available with DB5 version of the vehicle and accessories. Another batch can also be recovered, since Aston Martin Valhalla packageArrived in October 2021 and will appear in the store. This Aston Martin Valhalla (Dominus) car comes with its own real life sticker, engine noise and wheels. Everything sells for 1,100 credits.

Both of these packs will be available at the Rocket League Store between July 13th and July 19th.

A Competition is organized with our partner. Fast gameThis will allow you to let go The video game of your choiceof the FIFA credits Or some of them V-bucks.

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