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Rosechou: Two years of sharing between future and young mothers

Rosechou is a residence for expectant and young mothers, created by Elodie Guiard-Cyrus, an Essien mother. A resource place, through workshops, to support parents from pregnancy to 30 months of age. Rosechou also offers a café (with pastries from Isséenne Julie and cakes) and a shop displaying and selling products dedicated to the world of mothers and children, especially two Isséenne designers, Ysie for jewelry and Petite Minus for sophisticated clothing.

In May, Rosechou celebrated its two years of operation. Two years marked by health restrictions, including banning coffee on site and administrative closures. To grow his business, its founder decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign with his clients. The campaign was a success, the goal was met in just 24 hours!

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