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D1B resumes this weekend, surrounded by many unknowns after the appearance of the U23 team. Among them is RSCA Future.

Get used to it: D1A clubs insist that we call their clubs by their official names. So not “Standard U23” but the cryptic “SL 16 FC”; No U23 Club but, as of 2020-2021, NXT Club. No Anderlecht U23 but RSCA Futures, who will open his season on Sunday against Deinge. Robin Veldman’s first big test for young people.

Like all U23s: learning first

If they don’t get promoted, the U23 teams could be left out this time around, and it’s a safe bet that the 4 youth teams playing in D1B will fight for their keep. Quite simply, NXT Club proved it in 2020-2021, the level is not the same. Anderlecht’s youngsters are tough and in terms of raw talent, they will have nothing to envy the rest of the division. With Duranville, Engwanda, Agyei, Stassin, Leoni or even Lapage, we can even say that Future will probably have the most talented core in D1B.

But that may not be enough. First because nucleus A can “take away” one or the other youth on occasion. RULE REMINDER: Any youth who started or played 45 minutes in a previous match cannot play in the next U23 match. As a result, Julien DuranvillePerhaps the biggest talent in the U23s and the one we expect to break through this season, he can’t come to his liking.

But this rule will not be too strict at the beginning of the season: it will be only after 6 matches, a priority, a certain “cut” will be made and players who have played a lot during the game with Ace. The start of the season can no longer be restarted in D1B. Thus, we should expect to see Mazzù count and not very Play Aït El-Hadj, Sardella or Arnstad if he can avoid it, so they can help the future later. Expect absurd apothecary calculations that will probably make this season very difficult to read (rules explained here by Proximus).

David Hubert as a leader?

Anderlecht have yet to find the veteran who should coach these youngsters. Recently, David Hubert was quoted. At 34 years of age, he is expected to leave Julte Wargame for D1B and is a necessary leadership role as all U23 teams will be in dire need of a physical impact. Does Hubert still have the level to bring a team as dynamic and fast as RSCA Futures? There are In any case, there can only be one player over the age of 23 on the pitch.

David Hubert
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The young Mavs will aim to pick up quick points to avoid the pressure of a relegation battle, a pressure they are certainly not used to. It’s hard to be optimistic about this fun season in D1B, which should both help the youngsters improve but also give them new goals, intense pressure, and face a very physical team that will lose any points against the “kids.” Welcome to the big league.

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