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Russia is moving to impose restrictions on trading in shares of defense industry companies from hostile countries

The Bank of Russia (the Central Bank of Russia) is developing a legal mechanism to restrict trading on Russian stock exchanges of securities of defense industry companies from hostile countries.

This happened according to what was revealed by the newspaper “Vedomosti” about a letter sent by the First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia, Vladimir Chistukhin, on March 15, to the deputy of the “United Russia” party, Alexander Yakubovsky. .

On February 14, the Russian parliamentarian proposed this step to the Chairman of the Russian Central Committee, Elvira Nabiullina, and the proposal included placing restrictions on the trading of shares of defense industry companies from hostile countries, including those that supply weapons and military material to Ukraine. equipment.

In the book, Chistyukhin said that the Central Bank of Russia supports the move in light of current geopolitical conditions and supports the suspension of trading of the securities of these companies in Russia.

In order to develop the “necessary legal solutions” to restrict securities trading in Russia for companies from hostile countries that produce military or dual-use items, the Central Bank has sent its proposals to “the appropriate state bodies.”

Source: “Vedomosti”

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