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Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) turned down the role of James Bond.

Jurassic World: The World After It also marks the return of several characters, including Dr. Alan Grant, played by Sam Neill. A come back again After several years Jurassic Park. But the actor is not limited to the Steven Spielberg franchise. As it should be seen in various movies and serials Possession, Piano lessons, Horse whispering, The Tudors Or even Peaky Blinders. But at some point in his career, he stepped out to play James Bond.. A character created by Ian Fleming has been on our screens since 1962 and has been embodied by many names such as Daniel Craig, The Last Interpreter. Not forgetting Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, all British (except George Lazenby, Australian, but 007 camped for only one film).

Now, Sam Neill is far from running to avenge his role; The actor took the opportunity to talk about James Bond.

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He revealed in an interview with CinemaBlend (via ScreenRant). Reasons for refusal To include the secret agent.

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The actor did not want to be James Bond, hated by the audience.

Sam Neill is too old to play James Bond unless the production decides on an old iteration. After the Roger Moore films, the man looked (reluctantly) to play the character. The final choice was Timothy Dalton. But it seems strange Sam Neil confirmed the rejection. Here’s why the main interested party explained!

[J’ai passé l’audition] With great reluctance. I think it was the last thing I let my agent scare me at the time. I said, “Well, I don’t want to be James Bond. And I don’t want to. Especially not to be disliked by everyone And people look at a corner while in a restaurant. So I introduce myself, I go through the recording, everything was killer. And luckily, I never heard of the trial again.

Sam Neill


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