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Senioriales: the signing of the sale of two blocks for the future housing of Nantes Gaudinière and Lorient

In full expansion, Senioriales develops and places its senior service residences across France with 7,200 new residents in 2022. The group plans to open two new residences in Lower-Atlantique and Nantes in Lorient, Brittany.

Bulk sale of the future Nantes Gaudinier Senior Services Residence

Pierre et Vacances assisted Center Parcs Group subsidiary, Senioriales ETPO IMMOBILIER and BATI-NANTES in signing the block sale of the Nantes Gaudinière residence. Doors are scheduled to open in the 3rd quarter of 2025, after working for 3 years. Future Residence, designed by Jacques Bouchetton Architects of Nantes and managed by BATI-NANTES and ETPO IMMOBILIER is doing its best to provide suitable and friendly living spaces for seniors.

This is the new residence rue Hector Berlioz, located in Nantes, will have 95 furnished apartments for rent :

There are also parking spaces available, of which 25 are underground.

An ideal living environment

Accommodation will ideally be placed in the city, especially thanks to various Necessary local services (doctor, crèche, supermarket, etc.) And the dwelling that will surround the dwelling. He is also close Public transport including tram lines and bus lines At the entrance of the plot, which will facilitate the movement of residents.

Senioriales plans to highlight the well-being of its residents, with the ground floor dedicated to residential services and accommodation on the floor. Residents will be able to enjoy a garden with a wooded edge and shaded area to provide a terrace, vegetable beds, insect nesting boxes, etc.

Senioriales started a major real estate program

For this large-scale project, Senioriales aims to welcome a variety of new residents, thanks to a mixed program with 197 social and rental housing units, future senior services housing and a 500 m² medical center.

The real estate program will be carried out so that the site remains open to the outdoors thanks to the creation of a “green oasis towards the heart of the island working within the vegetation”. The objective is to make the Promenade des éphémères publicImprove relations with the outer urban plot. It will serve all the buildings and will consist of a garden area, a meeting point for the district. Residents will also have access to underground parking spaces.

Signature of block sale of Residence de Lorient

Bulk sale signature for Senioriales Future Senior Services Residence in LorientOn behalf of SNC Senioriales de Lorient and OPPCI Immobilier Impact Investing (created in 2019 in partnership with Cedrus & Partners) represents the Swiss life asset manager France (50% PV Senioriales Promotion et Commercialization and 50% Société Marignan).

this residence, Located on Boulevard Cosmão Dumanoir in Lorient, there will be 98 unfurnished apartments for sale. :

Residents can benefit 34 parking spaces30 in basement and 4 overhead with access to south of building. The doors are scheduled to open in March 2024 after two years of work.

Senioriales will offer apartments for rent to its residents. The location of the residence is selected to highlight a living environment Close to all amenities including Hypercentre, brand new Jacques de la Gare and train station. The district is bordered to the west by a main entrance to the city near the Pont Orador.

Dynamic district and occupied by Notre Dame d’Orient College, from the 1950s to the early 2015s, between the Boulevard Cosmão Dumanoir and the district known as “L’Eu Corante”, it will be completely redesigned and rehabilitated (a set of 6 on a green space building), to accommodate an entirely new space.

This second Senioriales project is a remarkable program, all in all, 15,500 m² of social housing (reserved for Lorient Habitat), free housing, affordable housing, a planted pedestrian area and, finally, the future senior services housing in Seniorial..

The project will consist of several buildings, each with its own identity and architecture. Senioriales depend on a Search for integration while respecting the environment Near and, more generally, that of the city of Lorient.

We are pleased with this acquisition on behalf of Impact Real Estate Fund, a Swiss life asset manager in France, which consolidates our bond of trust and proves that senior real estate is still a future sector in which to invest.

Benjamin Misri, Chairman and CEO of Seniorials

Loïc Lonchampt, fund manager of Swiss Life Asset Manager France noted:

This acquisition perfectly embodies the ambitions of our influential real estate fund, which is to fight exclusion, promote the energy transition and provide quality housing for seniors.

Future Senior Services Residence in Lorient: A place to live in its own right

Senioriales wants to offer its residents a place to stay with the necessary devices Residents live in harmony and trust. The ground floor of the future residence will include an establishment receiving the public (ERP):

  • a welcome,
  • a waiting room,
  • a management office,
  • A club lounge (activity room and restaurant),
  • service premises,
  • A kitchen.

The accommodation, T1 to T3, will be distributed between the ground floor and 6th floor of the building.

To make the daily life of seniors safer, the main entrance of the residence will lead directly to the mall, suitable for walking.

A green and rural place for the well being of its residents

The residence will be located and oriented east-west, in order to create a link with the “Eau Courante” district to the south. A place of life in its own right, Residence Services will offer seniors garden-themed areas; Fruit trees will be planted there. The harmony that Senioriales wants to highlight will be reinforced with green plants like stools and white flowers.

The residence was designed by Cabinet SADOU Architects and will have the necessary devices for co-experiencing with the promoter, Société Marignan. A combination of well-being, leisure, affordability and security of its future residents.

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