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Sherlock: Connect the Clues. And yawns, by the way

Sherlock: Connect the Clues, is a licensed use of the BBC Sherlock series. An interactive game as boring as you can get.

Sherlock: Connect the Clues

Every time a movie, series, book or game has the word “Sherlock” in the title, I can’t help but be excited. Are you, like me, a fan of Conan Doyle’s famous 19th century London detective story? We’re such fans that since 2012, we’ve launched Sherlock Live, a multimedia interactive fiction show brought to life and which has attracted thousands of viewers since its inception.

So when I found the new Sherlock game called Sherlock: Connect the Clues, I couldn’t resist. I had to play it. What was my disappointment. The game does not have, but there is no connection with the series, where the game draws pictures, or any connection with the police, and even less with its methods of solving crimes. In Sherlock: Connect the Cluesthere is no question of observation, deduction, and explanation at all.

But what is it about?

Sherlock: Connect the Clues is a competitive mystery game using characters and events from the BBC TV series that was released in 2010 with four seasons and two special episodes. Who will be the world’s greatest detective?

To put it very simply, because Sherlock: Connect the Clues it also wants to be very simple, we have four small boards available, four symbolic places of the series, where we put cards and tokens. These four places are like a “market” where we will be able to help ourselves. We choose one, then we take two things: two cards, two tokens or a combination.

Then, if possible, you put these new things in front of you in your network. Purpose? Go back and connect your original card to get all the highlights and collect the points on that card. Or sometimes different bonuses for a little boost in his overall game.

The ultimate goal? Win to get 9 points before others.

Sherlock: Connect the Clues and connection, network games. We start with a map, then we have to create a network with respect to the displayed images.

Sherlock: Connect the license

Sherlock: Connect the Clues is a free board game. We have a license, a brand, a movie, a video game, a series that’s doing great, and we want to filter that title to turn it into something else. Like board games for example. This case.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s the last story here. Sherlock: Connect the Clues they also take pictures of events and characters in the series. These are. Everything.

With such a title, such a permission, one can think of a game of explanation, search, elimination, observation. In short, everything that creates the charm and interest of Conan Doyle’s fiction. it is not. We meet with a simple and silly interactive game. We choose two things, we put them together, we try to spread the best communication. And that’s all.

It is a polar relationship. We play in his corner. Yes, one can destroy a card or symbol that others admire. But that is useless. They could do something.

Sherlock: Connect the Clues it boils down to a simple interactive game: a map, which respects the adjacent symbol, with a matching symbol in the middle to connect. That’s it. Not a way to a penny, it’s a market that rolls, we can’t prepare anything. The game is only intellectual, and does not arouse excitement. We don’t think, we have less fun.


Why do we play? Creating a link, sharing moments with others, reflecting, challenging yourself and overcoming yourself, discovering new horizons, escaping and having fun. A lot of things I didn’t find in it Sherlock: Connect the Clues.

I usually don’t get too bored during the game. The game offers no stealth, no control. I played with it a little tired and not very happy.

Sherlock: Connect the Clues It will no longer please fans of the best series, or Gamers. Use of non-commercial and commercial license. Not its theme, copy and paste, or its game mechanics.

We will not play the game hard, and again. Then we will put the game on the shelf to collect dust. If you are looking for another Sherlock game, look at the end of the story.

There is no interest

  • Author : Radoslaw Ignatow
  • Editor : Lucky Duck Game
  • Number of players and players : 2 to 4 (runs “fine” in all settings)
  • Legal age : From 8 years (good estimate)
  • Height : 30 min
  • Head : Sherlock
  • Great mechanics : Log in to the account

And one more thing

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