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“So your bitcoin?” One in two Americans regrets their cryptocurrency

So happy? – According to a study, almost half of Americans who have invested in cryptocurrencies are disappointed with the performance of their savings in the Bitcoin or in the Ether.

When bitcoin leaves a bitter taste

It is clear that the year 2022, even if it is full of sun, is perceived as a rather harsh winter on cryptocurrency market. After a the frenzied running of the bulls which he wore Bitcoin to the $70,000 mark, the current price (and a very soft market) gives little desire for depression. And if you bought at the top of the market, you definitely have a pretty bitter taste in your mouth. Those who knew the market in 2017 will certainly understand you.

This bitter taste, almost 50% American investors share it. A investigationswhich he initiated Pew Research Center indeed it shows that of the 16% of Americans who say they have invested in cryptocurrencies, 46% consider themselves disappointed with their investment. It must be said that almost 70% of investors have started to buy Bitcoin during the bullfighting phase. The descent, and therefore the acceptance, is very brutal. So if you ask an American who has invested in 2021 what he thinks about it Bitcoin, you have a one in two chance of seeing him smile. Or watch him walk away, head down after hearing “and your sister?” »

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NFT? I don’t even touch him with a stick!

15% respondents, however, say that their investment is doing better than they expected, 31% are approximately at the initially estimated outcome, i 8% they note that they are not sure. How not to be sure? Certainly these 8% they come to fill the queue of people who have lost their wallet and no longer know what they have in it.

Results of an American study PEW

The survey, conducted in July, shows that the number of total investors changed little between 2021 and 2022. For the majority (almost 80%) it is investments, just like real estate or the stock market, and a good way to make money. For 54% Of them, to invest in cryptocurrency is simpler, easier to access, than in other financial investments.

The survey, in addition to questions about cryptocurrencies, also included a section on NFT. O 50% respondents say they have heard of NFT (Non Fungible Token), but only 2% state (or assume…) that you have already bought some. Democratization is on the way. Slowly, of course, but still moving!

What would be the results of such a study in France? No doubt they would certainly be mixed up and opinions would be divided (with a bit more Gaelic malice). If the crypto winter goes on for a long period like the previous bear market, many will curse and no longer dare to talk about their bitcoins. But if the bull comes back… he’ll come back and smile!

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