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Soon ETH and BTC futures denominated in Euro – CME returns the cover

Nothing stops crypto derivatives – The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) gains institutional investors exposure to cryptocurrencies andeuroLaunching soon 2 Derivative products related to Bitcoin (BTC) et al’Ether (ETH).

BTC and ETH derivatives to conquer the Eurozone

Maintains the world’s largest derivatives marketplace Bitcoin AndEther in its color European currency.

According to a press release dated August 4, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group is planning to launch Futures contract What will happen to Bitcoin and Ether Denominated in eurosOn August 29, subject to a green light from the authorities after a regulatory review

The 2 contract sizes Amount respectively 5 BTC And 50ETH Surprisingly by contract, these new derivatives, which will be settled in cash, will be CME listed. Futures contracts will be based on the CME CF Bitcoin-Euro and Ether-Euro benchmark rates.

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The demand for Euro cryptocurrency is increasing

The WEC justifies this European expansion by putting forward statistics that show the existence of a Growing demand for Crypto Derivatives Investors trading with the euro.

will be euro-denominated cryptocurrencies “Second Most Traded Fiat”According to those behind, denominated in dollars Tim McCourt, CME Group’s global head of equity and currency products.

The EMEA region will focus 28% of total transactions Bitcoin and Ether Futures Contracts. Since the beginning of this year, he has been recording “More than 5% growth over 2021”.

An offer to cover the positions of institutional investors

Tim McCourt presents this Bitcoin and Ether futures contract “Risk Management Solutions”. CME will offer them to institutional investors outside the United States.

This is described as being the derivative product More specific tools. They will allow these investors Risk cover 2 related to exposure to the largest cryptocurrencies “Ongoing Uncertainty” in the crypto market.

With its new derivatives product on the euro, CME expects Repeat success his Futures contract In Bitcoin and Ether in dollars. or that witness similar growth BTC is recorded by micro-contract exchanges The company launched last May.

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