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Space: A NASA spacecraft and an asteroid are expected to collide within 30 days

A collision between the NASA ship and the asteroid will occur within 30 days, allowing it to deflect.

Launching on November 23, 2022, the DART mission is just one month away from reaching its goal. The NASA spacecraft will intentionally crash into the surface of an asteroid on September 27.

Although this asteroid is not on a collision course with Earth, the mission is a test to see if “kinetic impact technology” will work to deflect any future asteroids that could threaten our planet.

Let humanity be prepared for future threats of impact

If the mission is successful, “we think this technique could be part of a toolbox that we’re starting to fill out to intercept an asteroid,” said Lindley Johnson of NASA’s Planetary Defense Department. is launched.

About 27,000 asteroids are currently known near the blue planet. Asteroid Bennu, which has a diameter of 500 meters, is one of two identified asteroids in our solar system that are most vulnerable to Earth, according to NASA. But the risk of collision by 2300 is only 0.057%.

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