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SUTOM August 13, 2022: What is today’s word? (With information and answers)

From the excellent but outdated MOTUS game by Thierry Beccaro, Photos of SUTOM is a digital version, played on any browser, PC and mobile. The principle is the same as the previous one, but it is not in vain to remember the different rules, for those who could not follow them at the time, as soon as you give the signs and the answer to the words of the day. plate.

Sutom players from August 30, 2022, welcome! Find here the answer to your word of the day, as well as the previous day’s answers and more. Also, get help with your free online games thanks to our article that will help you play, with homemade tricks!

9 letter words: Hints and answers from Sutom Saturday, August 13, 2022


To help you find the word of the day, here are some signs before revealing the answer:

  • Our special MGG experience dedicated to video games: in the paint shop of the popular game Adibou, you can do this.
  • It is the 9th letter starting with Co
  • It’s a male voice
  • There’s an E somewhere

The answer is meaning

And finally, if you haven’t found it yet, here it is today’s answer :

  • Today’s Sutom answer is:
    to paint
  • Great definition of words according to the dictionary Larousse :
    “Painting: Decoration.”

Do you play other versions of Sutom? Fear not, we have the answers for this day too

Word of the day on Word – Word EN :

Word of the day Tusmo :

Perfect for passing the time or day-to-day thinking, word games like Wordle and Sutom are all the rage right now. Fortnite players have also created “Fortle”, similar to the universe of Battle Royale!

How to play SUTOM?

  • to guide you to the game page
  • The player has 6 attempts to win the game, by guessing the word of the day
  • This password contains from 6 to 9 characters, and is common to all users on a given date. It changes, of course, in the middle of the night.
  • The player cannot create than the ideas that begin with a given letter (which is part of the sports dictionary)
  • After confirming the test, the box that includes it A well placed letter will be filled in red
  • A box containing a letter that is part of today’s vocabulary, but remains lost, will be filled with yellow
  • The “useless” characters as well as the “yellow” and “red” characters are slowly painted on the keyboard below the panel to help the player.
A thousand years

Here is an example of the progress of the previous SUTOM group:

A thousand years

Another game similar to SUTOM

Lockdowns of various kinds have had many harms around the world, but if it is necessary to recognize their importance, it will be to allow some creative people to take the time to ask themselves and reflect. Among other achievements, Wordle (the American version of SUTOM, a slant on TV Lingo) appeared in 2021. and told other competitors. For example, in France there is Tusmo and Zutomthe last one designed for ZLAN 2022.

Recently, SUTOM has been disrupted since France 2 threatened its creator with a lawsuit for several hours. She was ready to give up her son, but social media turned out to be useful (for once it can’t hurt) and showed the French people’s interest in their daily sports. Waiting for the future Wordle, bought by the New York Times for several million dollars? It’s hard to believe, but you never know…

SUTOM: Wordle, Tusmo… Some free game alternatives from “Motus”

SUTOM, the popular game inspired by Motus, is struggling. If the game ends, how do we deal with it? We’re giving you some free options!

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