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Sylvester Stallone broke up with his wife? Symbols sow doubt

Is Sylvester Stallone separated from his wife, Jennifer Flavin? The ‘Rocky’ star had a large photo of his wife’s face tattooed on his right bicep. Apparently they covered it with a picture of Butkus, the bulldog that appears in the “Rocky” movies.

That’s not all. His half, who is 22 years younger than the artist, said that all this could end, in an Instagram photo with his three children. “These girls are my priority,” he wrote on the Aug. 10. “Nothing else matters. The 4 of us forever.” He no longer follows Sylvester Stallone on social media.

When asked about this, Sylvester Stallone’s publicist insisted that there was no problem in the family and it was all a misunderstanding. “Mr. Stallone wanted to revive the tattoo image of his wife Jennifer, but the result was unpleasant and, unfortunately, irreversible. As a result, he had to cover the original image with a tattoo of his dog in the movie “Rocky”, Butkus. Sylvester Stallone loves his family . He is currently filming a television series that will air on Paramount+,” he said.

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