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Thanks to James Bond in the Wimbledon final


Thanks to James Bond in the Wimbledon final

Posted by Thomas Berthelot on June 23, 2022 at 12:35 pm.

June 27th and the start of Wimbledon is fast approaching. An opportunity to return to one of the beautiful stories of French tennis. In the year In 2007, Marion Bartoli reached her first major final. An edition that holds a special place in his heart. Marion Bartoli returns to the connection between her life and Wimbledon on Legends’ Voice on Eurosport.

Marion BartoliIt is always taken into account when he is still young Wimbledon like a dream. A race that transforms into a magical realm. His love for this sport was the beginning which would become a reason to live. ” When I was young, I watched Roland-Garros and Wimbledon on TV, watched all the matches and saw Pete Sampras win the tournament every year. I dreamed of being like him, to lift the gold tray in front of the central, royal box. They were the images that made me dream that I would have the opportunity to leave Retournac in Haute-Loire and take my snowshoe bag and one day see this famous corridor that leads you to the Center Court in Kipling’s judgment etc. . It was a big dream that seemed almost impossible for me. »

Amazing Wimbledon 2007

In the year In 2007 it was fate. bartoli He has confidence and good results. Chanda RubinTop 10 in the world. Already in the first round bartoli He managed to get out of the Italian trap. Flavia PentaHe was a terrible player on grass. Match after match, everything seemed to be smiling on Bartoli. ” When I needed to finish before the rain, I finished before the rain, when I was in a bit of a tense match and needed a break, the rain came down on me or gave me a bit of tactical advice. It was the alignment of the planets. »

“I’m in a dream.”

It was during the semi-final against the big favorites Belgium. Justin Henning. The circle ends when you cross the corridor to reach the court. ” Carrying my bag, for the first time in my life, I passed through this famous corridor with a gallery of trophies, all clearly visible. The table with the list of awards. Martina Navratilova. Serena Williams. Steffi Graf. Pete Sampras. All these great champions who made this magical tournament. There is a famous phrase by Kipling. There I saw in real life the film I had dreamed of thousands of times since childhood. I’m in my dream. But it’s true for the first time. »

Where Pierce Brosnan stands

Seized by temptation, Marion Bartoli He loses his power. fan James Bondfate smiled on the French woman. Pierce Brosnan It was in the royal box. Presence with therapeutic and motivational values Marion Bartoli.I started thinking about it a bit to distract myself from the show and just play it to make a good impression on Pierce Brosnan. I said to myself: you can do what you want Marion, but you have to stay at least an hour and a half to see Pierce Brosnan play in this court for at least two hours. There is no question of continuing with this.’ James Bond saved me. But she freed the little girl from the ritornac, from all that weight, from the center court, from my dreams as a little girl. I played for someone who meant a lot if he wasn’t from the tennis world. “.

“It wasn’t true.”

bartoli Better in her game, the Frenchwoman prevailed at the end of a tight second set. And nothing can stop him there. Marion Bartoli Get into a state of grace. ” Everything I tried was successful. It was unrealistic. I was in the famous zone. The state of grace. I went from black to white in 45 minutes. I put 7 games in a row for Justine, who dominated women’s tennis, 5-0 in the third. I won 6 – 1, kneeling on the central. I tell myself that I did it. I rarely experience this feeling of completeness.. »

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