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The Algerian Space Agency jumps ahead to discover the indexes!

Huge fires have been raging in northeastern Algeria for several days. Indeed, they are widespread throughout the country. To stop this, the local authorities had to find a solution as soon as possible.

The damage caused by the fire

Last Saturday, an expert announced almost 100,000 hectares of forest were destroyed by fire. This is more than 10% of the El Kala National Park in northeastern Algeria. This park has been designated as a biodiversity hotspot by UNESCO.

In the same sector, The fire killed around 43 people. Heat waves and drought are at the root of these massive fires. However, the Algerian Gendarmerie arrested 13 suspects following the fire that injured more than 200 people.

The Algerian Space Agency will fight the fire

31 fires were extinguished in 24 hours. Algeria’s space agency is using new technologies and satellite imagery to fight the blaze. These are used to prevent fire in the area. Thanks to this development, the most vulnerable and vulnerable regions have also been identified. To do this. Two Algerian satellites, Alsat-1 and Alsat-2, are used.

Hence, the agency provides these satellites to rescuers to get accurate information. Effectively, these Field agents can have clear and real-time information thanks to satellite images. In addition, the system is based on geographic network and maps.

Therefore, if a fire breaks out in an area, the authorities will be notified immediately. And thanks to the maps, you can decide which forest path to take to get there as quickly as possible. This also reduces the risk of fire spread and prevents wildfires.

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