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The CNR introduces the first signs of passenger transport

One year after road transport entered the technical sector of the National Road Committee (CNR), the first TRV indexes were created. This is a big step in the work, especially for people who have contracts whose contracts for many years include the renewal of prices, signs and weight.

“The creation of these financial indicators is a major step forward for public transport in cross-roads by making it possible to provide information on price changes” suggests the CNR. “Carriers and the community will be able to express them according to the government contracts for school transport. These signs can also be useful for all other activities, such as inter-city or local transport and tourist transport. »

A “Traveler” section was introduced on the CNR website, showing the results of its work on school bus routes. It includes, among other things, indicators to analyze the evolution of prices and the main thing; products with and without oil to follow the evolution of the total cost of a typical teacher driven on school lines.

CNR also provides a production schedule that shows the weight of each major item (in %). It provides a tracking tool to quickly test tracking in a time frame of your choice. In the literature, many in-depth thematic articles are published.

Examples of published information: The structure of the group list shows that the TRV management area of ​​the school (salary + fees) represents 30.1% of the income. A similar index tool shows that between January and May 2022 this product increased by 3.84%.

To allow you to discover all the features of the site, access to the tools provided by the transporters will be free until the end of the year.

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