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The famous definition of “future consideration”.

What is the definition of “future consideration”? We see that often, even this year at Canadian, and we tell ourselves that the exchange is not important enough to pay attention to it. From Sean Shapiro athletic revealed on Twitter that an NHL general manager had already explained to him what that meant.

It boils down to this. A simple favor in return from a player of very little value. A round of golf or a drink at the bar, that’s probably what Kent Hughes got when he sent Michael McNiven to the Calgary Flames.

Why do parties do this? Often, they do this because the player needs a change of scenery or no longer has a place in the team and is upset with his contract. It was the contractual situation that prompted the Sabers to acquire Ben Bishop from the Stars while bringing in several million accounting (but less tangible) dollars. The Sabers could afford to host a $4.916 million contract and so did Dallas a favor. Especially since Bishop’s contract was confirmed, the Sabers will reach the salary cap thanks to the accounting dollars that the Magic will display.

The problem for general managers is that it’s impossible to trade a player without a reaction. This is illegal in the NHL. On the other hand, the team would prefer to get rid of the player’s contract rather than buy him back, which would affect the club’s wage bill.

In such situations we see an exchange of future considerations. Considering the future is literally meaningless. For example, in the 90s, Chris Draper was traded from the Jets to the Red Wings for one dollar. Single small dollar bill. For two decades the Red Wings have realized the value of considering the future.

Future considerations are therefore used to deal with the rule that each player must trade for something. Thus, teams can offer a player a change of scenery or address some issues at the level of the wage bill.

Either way, future considerations are appreciated by NHL general managers.

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