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The far right comes to power in Finland

The winner of the general elections in Finland and potential prime minister Petteri Orbo (53 years old) announced the start of negotiations next Tuesday between the center-right National Coalition Party and the far-right Finns Party, and expressed his desire to form a government coalition. with the nationalist anti-immigration party, which came second in the elections.

Formal negotiations to form a government, due to begin on May 2, will bring together his center-right National Coalition party and the far-right Finnish party, plus two other smaller parties.

Such an alliance with the Finns party, which obtained 20.1% of the votes in the legislative elections on April 2, would mean that a new anti-immigrant party would find itself in power in Europe, in the context of pressure from populist or extreme right. right-wing parties in many countries of the continent.

Orbo has two options to form a coalition: either ally with the center-left, with the Social Democratic Party of the resigned Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, or choose to join the Finns Party, with which the main point of contention was mainly related to immigration. , and there are differences between the two parts, as you said. “Certainly, as we know, there are issues where these different views exist. But at the end of the initial discussions in the last few weeks, I collectively felt that these issues could be resolved,” Orbo said. Urbu added: There are no insurmountable differences

The right ruled with the Finns (Former Finns) party between 2015 and 2017, when a split within the EU alignment led to a tougher stance. Coalition members in the Finnish parliament usually inherit ministerial posts, with the finance minister usually held by the second party in the ruling coalition. The other two minor parties in a potential future alliance are the Christian Democrats and the Finnish-Swedish People’s Party, traditional allies of the Finnish right.

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