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The first BMWs on the Neue Klasse platform of the future are becoming more apparent

The BMW boss revealed that the first two cars in the segment will be positioned using the future modular Neue Klasse platform announced for 2025. He also emphasized that BMW is still working on hydrogen.




The BMW i Vision Circular concept has the New Class formula.


In March 2021, the BMW Group announced that it was developing a new modular platform called the Neue Klasse for 2025, similar to the 1962 family of mid-range sedans with which the propeller-driven manufacturer made a fresh start. Oliver Zipsey, CEO of BMW, has just revealed Some details of the first model which will be based on this future architecture, on the occasion of the presentation of the company’s results for the first half of 2022.

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The first BMW Neue Klasse family is 60 years old.


A sedan and an SUV to begin with

For the launch of the Neue Klasse, we are planning a compact sedan as well as a sports-oriented SUV in the 3 Series segment. “, announced Oliver Zipes, before adding: ” And for IAA 2023 (Munich show, editor’s note), I can already promise you a preview of Neue KlasseWith a spectacular digital experience for our customers. During the 2021 edition of the event, BMW presented the concept of the large electric compact i Vision Circular, which, with its design as well as its construction based on recycled and recyclable materials, could already give some clues about the Neue model. The future BMW’s grille, in particular, may expand further to integrate the headlights. It can find a horizontal layout at the same time.

Heat, electricity and hydrogen in the box

The Neue Klasse platform is optimized for 100% electric vehicles but designed as a multi-power technology base. BMW is developing a new generation of combustion engines and Still actively working on hydrogen. “We can envision a hydrogen powertrain for these next-generation vehicles.”said Oliver Zipsey. “The role of hydrogen in autonomous mobility needs to be re-evaluated. From our point of view, hydrogen is the missing link that can complement electromobility in places where purely electric powertrains cannot be deployed on a large scale. By the end of the year we will start production of a small series of the BMW iX5 Hydrogen. And we’re already thinking about a possible next generation.”said the entrepreneur.

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BMW Neue Klasse Grill Teaser

Official teaser of the BMW Neue Klasse platform.



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