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the first symptoms revealed by TF1

Three months after the victory of Denitsa Ikonomova alias butterfly, Mask Singer will sign his return on Tuesday August 23 from 21.10 on TF1 with a new season 4 presented by Camille Combal.



This year again, the identities of the 12 famous contestants are hidden under the best clothes from the contestants, Camille Combal, new researchers, Chantal Ladesou, Jeff Panacloc, Vitaa, and Kev Adams, the only one who survived the previous seasons. than for people.

Who is hiding behind the gingerbread, the child, the bride or the Dalmatian?

TF1 has already revealed the basic information on its social media. Thus we learn that the Baby and the Dalmatian both succeed Molière and that the Gingerbread and the Pharaoh have the same experience.

To do your research, here are some basic guidelines:


The Dalmatian

The child



In this new era of THE HUNTING SINGER » :

Two international stars it will give a special presentation, without competition, in two different parts and will be revealed on the same night.

Two guest researchers will support our four researchers at times

a spy very private it seems…

– There will be a return to Golden Ear Trophy to give a prize to one, among the researchers and Camille Combal, who will be able to identify a large number of famous people from the first beginning. To do this, each of them will show the name that they think of in the first act of each person, in sealed envelopes, the contents of which will be revealed during the opening.

2 celebrities will be revealed each evening : the first in the middle of the show, and the second at the end of the show! Audience members and interviewers will vote after the performance for their favorite character. The losers will be eliminated and will have to reveal themselves.

– Some celebrities will keep their secrets and come back to perform next week.

Find on MYTF1 all videos, bonuses and revelations of Mask Singer.

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