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The founder of Terra (LUNA) still regrets…

Co-founder of Trustless media, Zack Guzman is a multimedia journalist currently working for Yahoo Finance. With him, Do Kwon, the founder of Terra, had his first interview after the failure of the Terra project.

The first interview given to the founder of Terra since the collapse of his project

According to tweet by Zack Guzman on Aug 14, recently met the founder of Terra (LUNA). The co-founder of Trustless media had a two-day interview with Do Kwon. It was his chance to learn more about the failure of the $45 billion project. In the interview teaser, Kwon said, “Terra was supposed to be a stable currency and it didn’t stay stable. So it has to be a scam and it has to be a scam. Crypto is still a bit like the Wild West. I think I developed a kind of alter ego.“.

The founder of Terra has admitted that he regrets his previous comments. He explained that then,The stablecoin algorithm has started to become an industry standard“. He admitted that he bet big, pointing out “i think i lost“. Do Kwon later defended himself against the cheating allegations against him. However, the teaser does not show this part.

Zack Guzmán clarified that the interview episodes air “only in NFTV Coinage community series“. Episode 0 will be available this Monday, August 15, 2022. To watch it, the public must download a free NFT to access the entire interview.

Coin Media recently interviewed Do Kwon. This is his first interview since the failure of Project Terra (LUNA). It should be noted that this collapse caused investors to lose a lot of money. In addition, Daniel Shin who participated in the creation of Terra (LUNA) recently had the right to visit the investigators.

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