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The future of Dogecoin, what does the famous dog cryptocurrency have in store for us?

Many investors are wondering about the future of Dogecoin. Will it hit $1, when will it hit $10? However, the future of Dogecoin should not be considered in relation to its performance, but in relation to its adoption.

The future of Dogecoin, will it reach $1?

It is very possible that Dogecoin will reach $1, it came close in 2021 and the whole community has been waiting for its parity with the dollar. Memecoin unfortunately made a high at $0.77 and started a downtrend. The price bottomed out at $0.05 in 2022.

Although DOGE may still reach $1, don’t expect a dramatic rise like in 2021. The hype and speculation has died down a lot even though the number of Dogecoin users is still growing.

If you’re looking for exceptional performance, it’s too late for Dogecoin. However, you can bet on new memecoins with great potential.

Tamadoge is one of them. This cryptocurrency is attracting attention from investors, having raised more than $1,000,000 during its beta sale, which is still ongoing. The token is in presale and you can already be one of the first investors in this memecoin. One (1) USDT buys 100 TAMA tokens, the native token of the project which will be a Play-To-Earn game, unlike Dogecoin which has no native help.

The future of Dogecoin as a payment method

This is where the future of Dogecoin is very interesting. Dogecoin, for example, is America’s favorite meme currency. According to research conducted by Finder in December 2021, the DOGE adoption rate in the United States is more than double that of the rest of the world.

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Dogecoin is owned by about a third of US cryptocurrency holders. One in four Americans, according to the 2021 Gambler Pick study, thinks so Dogecoin was the cryptocurrency of the future.

And that’s probably the case with all owners. According to research conducted by The Advisor Coach, the word DOGE is highly searched on Google.

Respondents saw DOGE crypto as an opportunity to get rich, but we think it’s a good way to pay.

Elon Musk, for example, continues to promote Dogecoin despite its falling price. The Boring Company, one of his firms, will begin accepting DOGE as payment.

In addition to holding Dogecoin, Tesla has also started accepting payments in DOGE. And it’s far from the first major company to accept Dogecoin payments. Companies such as Twitch, AMC and Gamestop already allow users to make payments in DOGE. According to Cryptwerk, more than 2058 merchants already accept Dogecoin and this number continues to grow.

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