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The future of Quimper is: what will they have in store? – What is the future of Quimper Hall?

An hour of debate and not negative comments on sketches. Quite the opposite. If the architect-elect (1) had an ear in the council chambers this Thursday evening, he would have blushed. Or, conversely, during the debate, take offense at the lack of consideration given to his work. Because, if the businessmen were in the audience, promoting the poster opposing the 2021 spring move, and if the opposition elected officials stepped up to the plate, they did so against the building’s location, its contents and how it was managed. Not against its aesthetics.

Markets are the priority of traders

The setting is so popular that it should open its doors at La Glacière in late 2025 for around €6.50 million. As a reminder, it will include three levels, have a footprint of 1,060 m2 and a ridge height of 11.90 m, with 26 stalls ranging from 9 to 18 m2 available to traders. “And their priority in the current halls, even those who did not want them a year ago,” assures trade assistant Valerie Durwell.

The new hall building will have a footprint of 1,060 m2. (Team of Architects DLW – Nantes)

A majority of his colleagues took it upon themselves to play down the concerns raised since the measure’s first vote. Website? “It is a space that opens up the city, it gives speed and a perspective that the Saint-Francois halls did not offer, providing a good connection with the Saturday market”, says Daniel Le Bigot.

Written agreement with garage owners

Negotiating to buy a garage? “A deal has been reached with the owners to exchange the garage and vacate the space. Of these, 14 will be preserved and four will be rebuilt. The remaining 31 will be destroyed. We do not need to activate the announcement of the public utility”, announced Isabel Asih.

Loss of parking? “The 30 spaces lost in the Glacière car park will be compensated by about ten parking spaces in the Rouget-de-Lisle car park and about twenty other spaces, which remain to be found”, continues David Lesvenan.

Reunited as a single man is not enough to pacify an opposition. Once is not the custom. “You create a flow barrier with a huge building because you’re not able to manage the parking lot buyout, it’s a space constraint. You’re marching on a forced march, against about fifty businessmen who don’t know where to go or who don’t know what the economic model of these businesses will be,” says Claire Levry-Gerard. “It’s nice but what’s the content? asks Karim Gaschem.

What is the future mode of management?

“Stalls will have limited space,” notes Annie Le Cam Although Ludovic Jolivet said of his referendum: “It’s a risky bet, the stakes are not yet closed, if you ask the people of Quimperois what they think about it today, I’m not sure they’ll go your way.” Guillaume Mengui once again wondered, about the position in the red flood zone and, above all, about the future mode of operation. All his neighbors echoed. “It is not a step, it is a creation. If you entrust its management to a private operator, with the possible disappearance of the merchants of Saint-Francois Hall”.

The building that will open its doors at La Glacière cost around €6.50 million.
The building that will open its doors at La Glacière cost around €6.50 million. (Team of Architects DLW – Nantes)

The mayor acknowledged that assistance was requested from professionals in the hall and open-air market for the study phase. “But this does not mean that the management of the hall will be delegated in future,” he says This is an independent mission. We need to have a professional look while ensuring that our future halls are popular and accessible to all. The question of rent will be central”.

Unsurprisingly, the discussion was voted unanimously by the majority row, while the entire opposition voted against.

(1) DLW Consortium, Nantes (Chief Architect), ECSB (BE Structure), Solab (BETCE and Acoustician), Apyc (OPC), ECCG (Construction Economist), Phytolab (Landscape Designer).

The future of Quimper is: what will they have in store?

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