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The identity of the new James Bond was revealed in one year

Barbara Broccoli announced on the BBC that she will name the next James Bond to replace Daniel Craig within a year. AFP/Leon Neal

Barbara Broccoli, the high priestess of the Bond films, first mentioned the Daniel Craig series. She gives herself time to choose a good actor, which will soon please Amazon, the majority shareholder of Eon products.

The reveal of the name of Daniel Craig’s successor may have to wait another year. As James Bond’s 25th official mission, He has no time to die (Dying can wait.) should delight the French audience from October 6. The high priestess of Eon Productions, Barbara Broccoli, has spoken for the first time as the successor to Daniel Craig, who has not stopped saying that he will definitely return the license for at least five years. Kill on MI6 after the fifth movie.

In an interview with our British colleagues from the BBC, the daughter of Albert R. Broccoli confirmed that there is no rush and that Her Majesty’s most gracious agent is taking her time to choose a suitable successor. . “We want Daniel (Craig, editor’s note) to take the time to celebrate this last 007 tuxedo. Next year, we will start thinking about the future.“, she says

Daniel Craig, 007 marks the renewal

Especially in 2002, the question of changing the actor was raised, after that Die another day Pierce Brosnan decides to keep his essential Walther PPK pistol in the locker room. It took four long years before Barbara Broccoli and her half-brother Michael G. Wilson chose Daniel Craig to replace him. More modern, more aggressive, more emotional, the latter has done wonders Casino Royale (2006) and knew how to bring a psychological touch to the hero created by Ian Fleming in his third mission. Sky Fall (2012), he did not hesitate to return to Scotland for the first time, a place of childhood memories scarred by the premature and tragic death of his parents.

Daniel Craig later announced his retirement Dying can wait.That is, for four good years now, speculation has been rife as to who could replace him. Applicants are legion. Tom Hardy has long been a popular bookmaker until the names of Reg-Jean Page or James Norton hit the web. This excitement doesn’t seem to shake Barbara Broccoli, who has vowed to remain silent for another twelve months. One thing is for sure, she will have to fight hard with her brother to impose her choice because today she has graced the platform of Amazon with a very powerful partner. A few months ago, Jeff Bezos’ company became a major shareholder in Aeon Productions. And she definitely says…

Dying can wait.By Cary Joji Fukunaga in 2002, with Daniel Craig, Rami Malek, Lea Seydoux…


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