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The James Bond 007 Archives: Dive into the story of the most famous secret agent in cinema history!

Dr. No (1962) can wait to die (2021), parodic Casino Royale (1967) and never again (1983) without forgetting this amazing cobblestone James Bond series.

When the name of James Bond is mentioned, a certain aesthetic of the image immediately comes to mind, delving into amazing action scenes and cult lines, starting with the most famous one uttered by Sean Connery in 1962: “My name is Bond, James Bond”. Taschen Editions reprints this incredible book, great for Agent 007 fans. You are giving a gift. Weighing 6 kg, this wonderful book will have a place on your coffee table or in your library. But it took this great volume to rediscover 60 years of rich and fascinating filmography in text and images. Here, each chapter is accompanied by an original poster. It shows and starts with a brief summary of the story.

Here we’ll find set sketches, storyboards and production documents, behind-the-scenes photos, but also comments from actors and actresses, shooting the scene, evoking their role in the film. From producers to stuntmen, directors to production designers, these personal stories of 150 cast and crew members tell the true story of the James Bond series. The book shows the creative process that gave birth to cinematographic masterpieces such as “Casino Royale”, “Never Never” or “Goldfinger”. In 1,007 images, we find the amazing “Quantum of Solace”, “Skyfall” and “Spectre”, the saga shot from 2000 to 2021 with Daniel Craig, which brilliantly completes this quadrilogy, but we also find “Casino Royale”, taken from the beginning. A novel by Ian Fleming for James Bond, which the producers failed to adapt for the rights story. We trace the origins of 007 through scenes under Daniel Craig’s runway, with airplanes, helicopters, yachts and the iconic Aston Martin.

Fans of the original James Bond films will be delighted to meet Sean Connery, the first to play the legendary agent of this long saga. Roger Moore fans You will enjoy the photographs of seven episodes taken between 1972 and 1985. Impossible gadgets, dream cars, great girls, bewildering sets, delicious seventies imagery, all the ingredients are there in this James Bond. It should be noted that Roger Moore holds the record for playing Her Majesty’s agent for the longest time on screen. In “GoldenEye Never Dies Tomorrow, The World Is Not Enough and Dies Another Day”, Pierce Brosnan portrayed James Bond opposite Sean Connery.

Armed with the little gadgets that make the spy charming, we find this small side of the character to be tough and brutal at times. Here again, breathless chases like this tank in “GoldenEye” or this race on ice “Die Another Day” are flawless, not forgetting the actresses here again, as brave as they are. This updated edition includes exclusive photography and new interviews with Daniel Craig, director Cary Fukunaga, producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. Illustrated with beautiful full-range photos, this book remains a unique filmography. Setting, scenes, actors, music choices, credits, everything has been scrutinized to find the amazing James Bond saga you’ve never seen before. Must!

Jean-Christophe Marie

Hardcover, 41.1 x 30 cm, 6.65 kg, 648 pages

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