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The Latest James Bond Breaks a World Record (And It’s Not What We Think)

James Bond: Waiting to Die ends in an explosive hell. A lot of explosives had to be used for this sequence. What allows the film to be awarded with a record.

Deadly Explosive Breaks Final Record – Credit: Official James Bond 007 YouTube Channel

After several postponements due to the epidemic James Bond: Death can wait It finally hit the international box office last October. These include Daniel Craig’s final appearance as a British secret agent. To provide the answer, we have especially the French Léa Seydoux, Lashana, Lynch taking over from 007 and Rami Malek taking care of the role of the big bad, Liticifer Safin.

At the helm of the film, Kari Joji Fukunaga focused on the dramatic sequences. If you haven’t seen the movie, we advise you not to read the following. In addition to swinging motorcycles Dying can wait., the feature film is filled with thrilling action scenes, including a literally explosive final sequence. Missiles hit Safin Island to prevent the proliferation of nanorobots designed to wipe out millions of people, and Bond ends up on the run. The latter, in any case, is harmed by the Narobots, who are responsible for killing Madeleine and her daughter.

James Bond: Standard in Guinness

A heartbreaking finale that needs little 300 pounds of TNT. A look at a short behind-the-scenes video by Chris Corbould, in charge of special effects on the set. This allowed the franchise to re-enter Guinness, breaking the record for most explosives set off in the same scene. You can see behind-the-scenes footage of this epic blast:

real business success, James Bond: Death can wait It is not the first film in the franchise to be awarded Guinness World Records. b Spectrum, Chris Corbold was already directing the special effects. And it broke the (slightly different) record for Big Bang Movie. In this case, the space needs 8418 liters of fuel and 33 kilograms of explosives. through him, Casino Royale (2006) A scene in which 007’s Aston Martin does seven rolls in the cockpit with stuntman Adam Kearley was honored by Guinness.

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