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The new James Bond divides critics

This panel is different from the others. Far from being united, the French press had very different opinions on the secret agent’s skin at the end of the Daniel Craig era.

The new James Bond has arrived. Dying can wait.Daniel Craig’s latest film In the Skin of an English Spy finally arrives in French cinemas this Wednesday, October 6th. Six years later SpectrumThis new entity is a declared commercial success. The French press has given its verdict. Mixed reviews for a more personal approach to the character, but overall convinced by Daniel Craig’s farewell to the franchise.

Eric Neuhoff, film critic FigaroA nearly three-hour episode responds to the canons of the saga, nothing more. “Bond is wise, philosophical, desperate. (…) Daniel Craig, the fake Steve McQueen crushed, has energy that shows signs of weakness. Retirement is not enough.

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“Haunting and heartbreaking.”

In a wonderful review, Enrox Cheers for a new movie “Beautifully staged.” Shaped “A touching twilight and [d’]A wonderful dawn. (….

in the same manner, Release Say hello to James Bond Vintage 2021, who managed to evolve his image, still stuck in 60s elegance: “Dissolved, then sent, finally into a bygone era in which Bond embodies everything we don’t want to see or hear: masculinity, violence against women in all physical and symbolic ways, clinging to the values ​​of a corrupt nation, an exclusive and racist ruling class, well-bred and white Britain always at home. Uninhibited walks in the former colonies of the Commonwealth, where they live, and therefore do not hesitate to blow up everything in their path.. The newspaper agreed“Death Can Wait” Bonds isn’t the best, but it makes a very worthy comforter for our troubled times.“.

KG Also a tenant of James Bond “Forced Journey to Modernity”.. Movie Daring to break a tone like the Daniel Craig era that started in 2006 is amazing. Casino RoyaleHe certainly doesn’t know one.”. clear, “Great Success”and a feature filmBold, uninhibited and passionate“.

“Very man, he’s not Bondian.”

His reign spanned fifteen years and five films. Less than Roger Moore’s seven episodes, but like Sean Connery, James Bond’s first and foremost. The final performance, expected by all observers, did not disappoint overall.

In a column written by four hands, Yves Jaeglé from Parisian It praises and takes into account Britain’s performance.”No translator had succeeded before Daniel Craig. Even Sean Connery. (…) He is the only one who knows how to leave on time when he presents us with a humble and candid scene of old age on screen.He said. Colleague Renaud Baronian knows Craig, but is less sure.He humanizes the hero in a touching way. But being very human, he’s not very… “Bondian”.“.

In line with these accolades, GQ produces: “The 53-year-old actor has never portrayed the hero with such anger and passion as if he was motivated by the thought of making a sacrifice worthy of his name.”.

less incentive, The voice of the north comment”A dark, wild Bond, forced to question his past, his career… and his relationships with women. What you hear here are the emotional stones, giving “Dying can wait.” strange singularityAnd a film regretted “Too long, with matching status.”.

“Failure Movie”

According to the regional daily Hautes-de-France, the saga’s move into the 21st century and the new aspects of 007’s personality have not convinced everyone. the world condemns a “Politically Correct Hypocrisy” and film “Who pretends to release the old white seducer (now banned from sex!) who supports the warriorship of his young black successor, who reveals herself on the road, while 007, back in his duties, returns to the front of the scene. A vase like everyone else”. “A failed film”.“,to a lazy state“, World Health Organization “He carries the burden on his shoulders. Like the evening newspaper.

Finding of the True Cross It salutes the performance of Ana de Armas.Amazing surprise“, but it disappoints the new class in it. The weakness of the (also) well-edited production lies in the systematic switching between the scenes and the flashbacks: all kinds of weapons and vehicles and the most eloquent static tunnels where the characters explore the world in many ways about life, death, the passage of time, the values ​​we still believe in or not. Ban.

situation”Half potpourri, half starting potThis is not surprising Telerama, A James Bond cried “Unsurprisingly turning the saga upside down.”movie “He who shuffles the cards but has no breath”.

Same story on the other side first, Repentance in the feature film “Infinite, like a clone “Mission Impossible”» But know that “Dying can wait.” It’s very convincing when you think about it – finally! – James Bond again, basically a very entertaining movie. The magazine concludes with advice to the viewer: “Finally, the feeling that is created in you “Dying can wait.” It depends on your affinity for fluff rather than acting. Is this good news? For the industry, obviously yes. James Bond will return, no one doubts.


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