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The Next Big Cryptocurrency of 2022 – Ethereum, TRON and Keninah Concord

The main advantage of decentralized finance (DeFi) is that it offers an unparalleled level of ease and affordability compared to centralized finance (CeFi), where banks and other financial institutions charge exorbitant fees for using their financial services.

DeFi powers a cheaper, faster and more convenient financial system where anyone can efficiently perform low-cost peer-to-peer transactions in seconds in a completely secure ecosystem.

A significant advantage of DeFi over CeFi is that it eliminates the need for the participation or intervention of third parties or intermediaries during transactions. DeFi uses peer-to-peer blockchain networks that incorporate advanced security protocols, consensus mechanisms, connectivity, and cutting-edge software and technology advancements.

The decentralized finance industry has grown in popularity worldwide over the past few years. During this period, DeFi tokens have grown in popularity and value. The market is worth a market capitalization of over $141 million.

While market capitalization, long-term growth, market price and exchange value are key indices to check when choosing a DeFi token to invest in, these three DeFi tokens pass the metric – Ethereum (ETH), TRON (TRX) and Keninah Concord ( KEN).

Ethereum (ETH) One of the best blockchain networks

Ethereum ranks second among all cryptocurrencies. It is not only a digital currency but also serves as a store of value, and its software network enables the creation of new applications. It supports the creation and exchange of NFTs, smart contracts and a fully decentralized platform.

Its multi-functionality puts it above crypto giants like Bitcoin (BTC). Its native token, Ether (ETH), is a versatile cryptocurrency that users can use to purchase NFTs, as a medium of exchange, and more.

Since its launch in July 2015, when one ether was worth $0.0311, its value has grown significantly, reaching a record high of $4,800. Many industry experts predict that its value will rise up to 400% before 2025, making it a DeFi token worth investing in.

TRON (TRX) A token not to be ignored

Founded in 2017, TRON (TRX) is an open-source blockchain technology widely used by content creators. Originally built on an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token, TRON transitioned to its native blockchain protocol, TRON, in 2018. In the same year, TRON reached the highest price ($0.23) in 2018. Among other cryptos, TRON is currently 17th in market capitalization.

According to experts, the innovative TRON token has a bright future due to the potential of the network. In 2021 alone, its value appreciated by 180%. So you have your answer if you are wondering if TRX is a good investment.

Keninah Concord (KEN) Answer to world peace

The global cryptocurrency market is a constantly growing space, with a staggering market cap of $1.8 trillion; The crypto market has shown brands as a space of trust. Coin Keninah Concord (KEN) aims to capitalize on this market by facilitating humanitarian aid to victims of war.

Keninah Concord uses smart contracts that allow these assets to reach their desired destinations in record time. A fully decentralized system, Keninah Concord is a community-based cryptocurrency asset built on the state-of-the-art Binance Sm(BSC), enabling the processing of over 160 transactions per second at the lowest possible cost.

Keninah Concord seeks to provide a payment gateway to convert other cryptocurrencies such as ETH and BTC into KEN before sending them to their destinations. KEN also provides on-chain transactions, which use blockchain technology to generate a receipt for each transaction. A donation wallet is also a feature that would allow users to easily send their donations directly to their desired destination, while appropriately tracking the movement and usage of tokens.

The Keninah Concord project is still in its early stages, so now is the time to invest in it and join the growing community of forward-thinking crypto enthusiasts.

You can be part of the project by clicking one of the links below:

Keninah Concord (KEN)




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