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The product wants to “reinvent” its character

We can say that the youngest James Bond is a cult character. And after several decades of service, the current product wants to “change things”. That’s all we can say.

It will be 60 years since we saw the adventures of James Bond on the big screen. Each time, a new actor brings a different breath. But it still looks a little different after Daniel Craig.

A new era of James Bond

Indeed, Barbara Broccoli, who has been producing the James Bond films since 1987 and the film Not to Kill, was able to talk to Deadline magazine about the future of the saga.

No one is in a hurry. We’re figuring out where to go with Bond. We will talk in detail. There is no script yet, and we will only have one when we decide on the approach of the next film. Because of course it will be Bond’s new invention..

We will recreate the feature and it will take time. I’d say the shooting won’t start for two years..

The next film will be the 26th in the saga and the actor’s seventh to play the James Bond character. It remains to be seen what the word “reinvention” means in the producer’s mouth. Because obviously Craig’s Bond is a reinvention compared to the previous James Bond. Some viewers criticized the final film as a bit too soft and too much, removing all the elements that make the main character attractive (alcohol, love, cold humor, etc.).

Idreel Elba as Bond?

There are many rumors on this subject, especially the name of the very talented Idris Elba, we talked for a while about the possibility of a black actor. Obviously nothing is as it seems at the moment. Let’s hope this remake doesn’t overwrite the essence of the character.

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