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The technology used in “GPT Chat”.. What is generative artificial intelligence?

The technology used in GBT Chat.. What is generative artificial intelligence? Generative AI is the power behind chat apps GPT (French) Generative AI has become a buzzword this year, capturing the public’s imagination and sparking a race between Microsoft and Alphabet. Alphabet, owner of Google, will launch products with technology that they believe will change the nature of work around the world, according to a Reuters report.

What is generative artificial intelligence? Like other forms of AI, generative AI learns to generate new information from old data and creates entirely new content, be it text, an image, or even code, based on this training rather than simply sorting or selecting data. like normal AI.

One of the most popular generative AI applications is ChatGPT, a chatbot launched by OpenAI late last year and backed by Microsoft.

The artificial intelligence behind this technology is known as the big language model because it takes a textual command and, from it, writes a response to this command with human-like typed texts.

GPT-4 is the latest version of the generative artificial intelligence applications announced by OpenAI this week, distinguished in this version as “multimedia” since it can also accommodate text and images.

What is the benefit of generative artificial intelligence? Regardless of the objections to the uses of artificial intelligence, companies are already putting it to work, especially generative AI.


This technology is useful for creating a first draft of marketing copy, for example, although it may require revision. One example of this was CarMax, which used a version of OpenAI to sort through the reviews of thousands of customers and help buyers decide. right car to buy

The generative artificial intelligence can also take notes during a virtual meeting, and can compose emails, as well as create presentations, and these features appeared in the “Microsoft” and “Google” products it announced this week.

There are concerns about the possible misuse of this technology. Schools and universities have worried that students are using AI technology for their research and homework, undermining the effort required of them to learn.

Cybersecurity researchers have also raised concerns that generative AI could encourage the production of misinformation and distortion of the facts.

In addition to Microsoft and Google, other technology companies, such as Salesforce and Adept AI Labs, are creating their own competing AI technology or using technology produced by other companies to offer users new features through their programs.

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