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This James Bond actor is about to star in Doctor Strange 2

Marvel and the MCU certainly won’t stop talking about them. After breaking the small screen with Moon Knight, the franchise continues with Doctor Strange in Multiverse Madness. In general, the blockbuster received good reviews. Fans especially love unexpected cameos like Patrick Stewart or John Krasinski.

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Well, if the site ScreenRant is to be believed, another actor could join the Doctor Strange 2 adventure for a cameo. And we’re not talking about just anyone, as former star of the James Bond franchise, Daniel Craig, is here in person!

Daniel Craig as Mr Fantastic?

The information was dropped on Twitter last week by Justin Kroll, the latter of which was originally presented by Marvel’s Daniel Craig as Mr. Fantastic in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In the film, it’s John Krasinski (The Office, Quietly…) who portrays the character during the maddened conflict between Doctor Strange and the Illuminati.

But Daniel Craig was ready, the actor was all too ready to slip into the shoes of the Fantastic Four lead… but ultimately pulled out of the project due to health reasons. With increasing cases of covid in London, ex-agent 007 chooses not to risk it and stay with his family. What upset the fans of the actor who love to see him in the skin of the superhero, if only for a few minutes!

The fans are very sad!

Many Daniel Craig fans took to social media to voice their displeasure after hearing the news: “Could we have had Daniel Craig as Mr. Fantastic?! Please send me to the universe.”, cried a fan on Twitter. They said they would love to see what others might look like. “I never thought about Daniel Craig, but now I wonder what he looks like.”

There are also those hoping to find Daniel Craig in the MCU, but in a completely different role. “I’m glad to have John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic, Daniel Craig is an amazing actor but I think John Krasinski fits the role better. Daniel Craig does a good job of[Ben Grimm]but I think there are more roles for him in the MCU.”

Moreover, speaking of options, rumors suggest that Daniel Craig has been approached to play Baldur, the Asgardian god and Thor’s brother. But following his refusal, Marvel decided to replace the character with John Krasinski in Mr. Fantastic.

Something that will leave fans wondering about Craig’s future in the MCU. Maybe Marvel is saving Baldur’s character for the plot, hence the change? to be continued.


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