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To predict future storms, the government will acquire five weather buoys

A week after it hit Corsica, the government announced the deployment of five weather buoys on Thursday to better forecast the storm.

“We have experienced an exceptional episode of rare violence, but it forces us to implement ways to be able to better prevent it”, announced Secretary of State for the Oceans, Harvey Berville, by telephone to AFP.

“Adapting to the Consequences of Climate Change”

After putting Corsica on yellow alert for thunderstorms on August 17, Meteo-France changed the island to orange alert at around 8:30 a.m. the next day, minutes before the storm hit the coast. Very brutal and sudden, the storm caused a lot of damage in just a few hours and caused five deaths.

Visiting the island on Thursday, after visiting the places most affected by this deadly storm such as Girolata (Corse-du-Sud) and Calvi (Haute-Cours), Mr Burville felt that it was “necessary to adapt to the consequences of climate change, Better prevention to better protect the population.”

Buoy at sea by mid-2023

The Cabinet on Wednesday recorded the imminent acquisition of five meteorological buoys to “strengthen our forecasting capabilities”. The buoys will be in the ocean by mid-2023, the Secretary of State said, explaining that it took “time to build them”. The buoys will be installed “neither too close nor too far from the Corsican coast,” in consultation with scientists and marine stakeholders.

Harvey Burville also indicated that “the State is ready to support the community of Corsica in strengthening the security of navigation and infrastructure, especially the port and light moorings”.

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