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Tom Holland wanted to play a young 007, but Sony thought it was too interesting

Tom Holland pitched a young James Bond story to Sony, but the studio wasn’t happy, though he kept the idea for another project.

In the year The question of replacing Daniel Craig as James Bond in 2022 should be more timely than ever, who last wore the number 007 in Dying can wait.. Many theories are considered, until Reviving this iconic feature is one of the two manufacturers’ priorities. Joint franchise holders.

Fortunately, the increasingly popular actor Tom Holland, especially with the billionaire Spider-Man: There’s No Way Home, he said to enlighten us. Indeed, he had a spider translator. A proposal for a “Genesis” movie with a young James Bond, and the idea has found its way in a completely different way, by Sony..

“Wouldn’t it be better to stay a friendly neighborhood spider?”

With the microphone Total movieHolland describes his discussions with Sony about this James Bond prequel and how it changed.

“When Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) was in an interview with Sony, I had this idea for a young James Bond movie. That was the genesis of the character, but in the end, it didn’t make sense. It didn’t work. It was mostly a child’s dream, and I don’t think the franchise people are particularly interested. […]

This idea of ​​a young Bond was a spark to tell the story of a young Nathan Drake, rather than bracketing it like in the Uncharted games. And then we were able to discuss to do something.

Uncredited: Photo, Mark Wahlberg, Tom HollandIt’s like Spider-Man, but with more resources and fewer webs

A perfectly understandable refusal on the part of the studio, which should have a more mature view of James Bond’s masculinity (Tom Holland has a perpetually youthful face).. But The origin of young Nathan Drake as the first film UnknownA video game franchise that doesn’t appeal to fans (and promotional previews don’t help the masses) is therefore linked to the actor’s proposal for the “Young Bond” movie. Although the two franchises have a lot in common, we are not in the same movies.

Sony may have wanted to kill two birds with one stone by allowing this idea to advance the film’s prequels (in its own way) by catering to the bank’s young actor. UnknownIt suffered a lot of setbacks due to the successive resignations of several directors (director Ruben Fleischer Poison, on the project bar). And in this way, both parties will be happy. In the year Whether the French people will be there on February 16, 2022 remains to be seen.


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