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Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0 livestream contains new codes and banners

The Tower of Fantasy Vera update (also known as 2.0) is the most anticipated anime RPG game right now, adding a new chapter to the cyberpunk story, as well as expanding the Aida universe. With all eyes on the future, Hotta Studio will be live streaming on October 13th to dive into all the new features that have been updated.

Scheduled to debut at 1pm PST / 4pm EST / 8pm BST / 9pm CEST on Tower of Fantasy YouTube, players will experience a unique journey through the desert oasis and its citadel, Mirroria. Your main allies will be Nemesis and Mi-a, who will apparently be joined by “new characters” in the expansion.

Rumors are swirling about the next Tower of Fantasy posters, with the likes of Lin, Ruby, and Saki Fuwa slated for release. While players initially thought that the ebony-haired Shadowweaver would lead the Banner Charge, it looks like Ice Queen Saki could be the next character.

Players will also be able to check out new Attacks, Events, Missions, and Events, as well as new Horrors and Bosses to encounter on their Goby journey. We’ve already seen some amazing creatures, including a volt-fire robotic stag, Rudolph, and a twisted cybernetic whale that seems to be guarding Mirroria, so if the rest of the bosses look like these two, we’ve got them. enough about war.

There will also be a number of special Tower of Fantasy numbers up for grabs on the stream, so even if you’re not yet hooked on Vera and her secrets, it’s worth checking out to grab some free stuff.

It looks like the Vera livestream will follow a similar format to the Genshin Impact tournament, drawing a lot of similarities between the two gacha games. Either way, if you’re looking to get started on 2.0, it’s worth a call.

We’ve also got a full rundown of Tower of Fantasy 2.0’s release date, locations and announcements, as well as a list of Tower of Fantasy towers to help you decide which simulator to pick up to stop when the update arrives.

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