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Ultra-luxurious, Batur heralds the style of the electric Bentley of the future

Like Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bugatti, Bentley began offering very small series of models at exorbitant prices. The Crewe brand has already unveiled the Bacalar Roadster in 2020, an ultra-exclusive convertible based on the Continental GTC and limited to twelve examples sold for 1.5 million pounds sterling (or 1.78 million euros). On the occasion of the Pebble Beach 2022 Concours d’Elegance, it is launching a new elite model in a very small series, based on the Continental GT coupé. Like the Bacalar, the Batur GT 2+2 showcases a different style than the one currently marketed in mass production.

The Bentley Batu is more aggressive than the “normal” Continental GT coupe

Electric Bentley will look like that

The Batur retains a large luxury coupe silhouette but its bodywork is completely new and departs from the Continental GT’s design. The front face replaces the four round optics with a new sharp look and the grille is bigger. The rear almost plays “fastback” and the stern becomes much more aggressive with stretched lights and complex shapes. On the other hand, the interior is closer to the Continental GT with a dashboard that differs mainly in the difference in finish and personalization.

Welcome aboard a 1.96 million euro Bentley
Welcome aboard a 1.96 million euro Bentley

This Batur not only announces the design of the next Bentley model, but these stylistic elements will also be found in the brand’s 100% electric cars. Note that the first of these electric Bentleys should arrive by 2025. It will cost more than 250,000 euros and is likely to share the PPE platform already used by the Porsche Taycan and Audi RS e-tron.

The Batur has a 740 horsepower twin-turbo W12.  It is the most powerful Bentley in history
The Batur has a 740 horsepower twin-turbo W12. It is the most powerful Bentley in history

One of these is the 740 horsepower W12

Batur has a 100% thermal engine. It’s the ultimate evolution of the big 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12, first launched in the Continental GT in 2003 and then upgraded to an all-new version in the Bentayga. After the 635 horsepower of the Continental GT and 659 horsepower of the Bacalar and Continental GT Speed, it climbs to 740 horsepower and 1000 Nm of torque under the Batur’s hood (thanks to the especially big turbos). The chassis features Continental GT Speed ​​dynamic equipment with rear wheel steering and an electronic rear differential. Limited to 18 copies, the Batur is priced at £1.65 million or €1.96 million. But all the copies have already been sold.

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