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Unpublished map of pesticides in France: easily visualize the treatment frequency index in your municipality!

Generations Futures had the pleasure of previewing the interactive map produced by the Solagro Association with the support of Ecotone, a committed company.

Available online, The map lets you zoom in, commune by commune, by crop type and treatment. By going beyond the many official data available, this map allows you to visualize the pesticide pressure in the area at a municipal level at a glance.

This map can be used as a helpful tool for farmers and management Public policy at local, regional and even national levels. This work is likely to evolve over time, to allow cross-checking of data, particularly in pesticide purchases, and perhaps eventually to arrive at plots with product names used?

Our association welcomes this excellent work, which already complements Generations Future on the Pesticide Procurement Map. We can only regret that this exemplary work was not done by the public authorities who could manage the Ecophyto plan as closely as possible, a plan that has failed to lead us to a 50% reduction in pesticide use in 10. Year and from this… 2008 ! For residents exposed to pesticides, this map will allow them to have a more precise knowledge of the “pesticide” pressure in their area. Hopefully in the long run all this data (along with other additional data not currently available to most people, such as spreading registers) can be made public and easily accessible.

In parallel with this launch, the Ecotone brand presented its new tool Pesticides Avoid Index (IPE).. Aimed at companies, this index will enable food industry players to measure their footprint in terms of pesticides. Calculated from the same reference used for the map, this IPE actually allows readings of different levels. It first expresses the number of chemical treatments avoided as well as the number of hectares saved, but pesticides avoided per ton of raw materials used in final products.

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