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US comments on Putin’s announcement of nuclear weapons deployment in Belarus #Urgent

The Pentagon said on Saturday that there is no indication that Russia is preparing to use nuclear weapons after Moscow announced the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

“We have seen reports of Russia’s announcement and will continue to monitor this situation,” the Defense Ministry’s press office said in a written statement.

The statement added: “We have not seen any reason to modify our strategic nuclear position, nor any indication that Russia is preparing to use a nuclear weapon.”

“We remain committed to the collective defense of NATO,” he concluded.

The US Department of Defense statement came after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that his country would deploy tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus.

Putin stressed that this step does not constitute any violation of international treaties, saying that Russia has already sent ten fighters to Belarus who can carry tactical nuclear weapons.

Russia has repeatedly hinted at using nuclear weapons if necessary, signaling that it will make the “hard choice” in the event of an imminent threat to the nation.

Russia has, on more than one occasion, rejected Western reports of its intention to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, calling it mere “counter-propaganda.”

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