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War in Ukraine: Future NATO bases in Sweden and Finland put ‘residents at risk’, warns Russian Duma president

On Friday, Sweden and Finland achieved formal candidate status to join NATO. Membership that Moscow does not taste at all.

“Establishing NATO bases will not protect Finland or Sweden. On the contrary, it will endanger the residents of the cities where these military infrastructures will be located.”The chairman of the Russian State Duma (equivalent to the National Assembly) wrote on his Telegram channel on Monday, the news agency reported. Interfax.

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because “In the event of an outbreak of hostilities, the enemy’s military infrastructure will primarily be attacked”Vyacheslav Volodin warned.

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The Russian politician thus contradicted the announcement of the mayor of Lappeenranta, Finland, who proposed to host a NATO base in his city to promote a sense of security among residents. According to Bacheslav Volodin, it is quite the opposite: these bases would be potential targets for Russia.

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The accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO will take effect only after approval by the parliaments of all member countries of the alliance.

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