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Warner Bros. JK responded to calls for a boycott after Rowling’s comments

The CEO of Warner Brothers Interactive, David Haddad Recently talked about the upcoming release of the next game around the license of the most famous wizard: harry potter. He wants to be reassured about the possibilities offered The Hogwarts Legacy To players concerned about a conflict of interest with author JK Rowling.

The Hogwarts Legacy : An “independent” game?

Unless you really care about the news around hereharry potter, There’s a good chance you’re aware of the controversy raised by the words of novelist JK Rowling. to judge Transphobic After his series of tweets, many fans of the license were left torn with their love for the work harry potter and condemned his words. The author has also received support from Vladimir Putin, who has made him a figurehead in the fight against “cancel culture”. Many fans of the license want the author to be credited for his work but excluded from any future productions.Because in their view, it seems inconceivable to continue to support the work of a person they consider to be openly transphobic.

It must arise in this turbulent context next game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy (Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy) is a game that looks very promising on paper and according to first impressions that is subject to controversy around JK Rowling. on social networks, More and more Harry Potter players and fans are calling for a boycott of the game so as not to financially support the author -which receives royalties for each use of the license-. To reassure fans, David Haddad, general manager of Warner Bros., the game’s developer, spoke to the media. Axios :

[…] We would like to remind you that JK Rowling is not directly involved in the development of the game. We even add that it will be possible [dans Hogwarts Legacy] To use the included options allowing the creation of trans characters. We will be very focused on the game we created and the great work of Studio Avalanche. We want people who love the Harry Potter universe to love these stories and characters.

The Hogwarts Legacy : Boycott or money?

As a result, The Warner Bros. CEO wants to be reassured Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy. Instead, he spoke openly about the controversy, He tries to focus the discussion on what the game has to offer, such as asking for inclusive character creation options and being supported by studio Avalanche. Their own way of proving their detachment from JK Rowling’s words. He gave that assuranceHe did not participate in the game development process. But he, like the fans, knows very well that it is impossible to exclude JK Rowling completely from the project, at least financially since she will receive a portion of the revenue from each game in the form of royalties. harry potter and DC are Warner’s two major licensesAnd it is impossible for the company to do without it when it is currently in a financial crisis

This call for boycott is very unfair, because Complete acquisition by Warner Discovery. To make matters worse, DC films were also compromised after the Ezra Miller setback (Flash) But so does Amber HeardI’m playing in aquaman, Her ex-husband Johnny Depp has been on trial for more than a year, Accused of domestic violence, and excommunicated himself Fantastic Beasts where he played Grindelwald. All of these constitute a beautiful cocktail of problems that could have done very well without Warner. For their part, its fansharry potter Also invite those who still want to get The Hogwarts Legacy A Consider pirating so you can’t buy the game.

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