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What is the casting director looking for in the next 007?

A James Bond casting director is looking for an actor who can portray all aspects of 007.

appeared on the big screen Dr. No In the year In 1962, James Bond was one of the most “enduring” characters in cinema.. From Sean Connery to Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan, every actor has left their mark playing 007. Now all eyes are on the future secret agent as Daniel Craig is about to leave his tuxedo in the locker room. With so many actors to consider, the identity of the next Bond is still very unclear. Several actors were considered for the role. Tom Hardy, Idris Elba: Lots of names being thrown around. But there are many prerequisites to becoming a secret agent.

Who will be the next James Bond? – Credit: Columbia Pictures

She explained what the franchise’s cast can expect from the future 007. Because to play Bond, you have to be as charming, sporty and determined.

Looking for the perfect James Bond

“It’s someone who knows how to get through. He has to be attractive, physically fit and play all the roles. It’s a big challenge. You have to be able to carry it even after playing this role for a long time. But at this last point, it’s not as critical as before. Some people never get rid of it.” They could not.Others were able to choose good films by showing that they are good actors. McWilliams explains.

Indeed, like Pierce Brosnan, many former actors have managed to avoid the Bond label. Others remain agents forever 007 for the public, the lack of interesting projects to expand their career b. Daniel Craig, meanwhile, has already proven he has wide games elsewhere. Especially the upcoming release Knives 2In which the actor plays the role of a secret agent.

But who will be the next 007? Bets are still open. Some dream of finally seeing a woman take over. Others are already envisioning Cavill in the role. And the latest rumors want Régé-Jean Page to be the brand’s favorite. The latter has all the properties: he is not yet an international star, but already respected by many fans. He has beauty and body to his work. But everything can still change! Next issue!

Source: Screenrant

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