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What will Quimper’s future halls look like?

The building will be open in several directions to create connections with the surrounding businesses and public spaces. ©DLW.

A jury of architects and elected officials – unanimously, from four competing projects – Nantes DLW Group for its design The future of Quimper is.

As a reminder, the municipality plans to put them next to each other Providencenear Glacier car park.

This project is based on the construction of a building of 1060 m2including:

  • on the ground floor, Capacity of 26 stalls is completed (an average number which may vary depending on the size of the stall) and co A testing area 80 m2 Inside the house, with a balcony
  • Above, a Multipurpose room Equipped with cooking facilities and a the restaurant With outdoor terrace
  • A on the roof 400 m2Open on all sides and served by an external staircase, which can accommodate a times.

The building will have five entrances. It will be open to the whole district, creating new links with the shops and public spaces that surround it: Galeries du Chapeau Rouge, Steer, La Providence, etc.

Isabel Assih, Mayor of Quimper.
Quimper's future halls will be largely open to the outdoors.
Quimper’s future halls will be largely open to the outdoors. ©DLW.

Start of work in 2024

the wood And Concrete For the construction, aluminum cladding and white glazed tiles were chosen for the facade.

Largely glazed, the building is very open to the outside.

The construction work May start by the end of March 2024. The building should be delivered in July 2025, with commissioning at the end of the same year.

Investment amount: 5.6 million euros excluding tax. “The reconstruction of the Saint-Francois halls will cost at least 10 million euros”, recalls Isabelle Assih.

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30 parking spaces to find

To be able to build these halls, the 31 garages currently located in the Glacière car park will have to be demolished.

An agreement has been reached with the owners of the others: 14 garages will be kept and 4 rebuilt.

Isabel Assih, Mayor of Quimper.

Apart from this, the project will be led by Dr Removal of 30 parking spaces. “We are looking for solutions to find them somewhere else nearby. We have already found 10 of them. They will win by rebuilding the Rouget-de-Lisle car park. »

It will also remain a fantasy The future of the Halles Saint-François. A consultation on this should be launched in 2023. “Our idea is always to keep the frame and cover it”, concludes Isabel Asih.

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