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What you need to know about smartphone repair index

Before buying a mobile phone in a store or on the Internet, a new field should be looked at: indexability index. You may have already recognized the pictogram of this symbol. Composed of a key and a nut in a frame whose color varies from red to dark green, it is now forcibly displayed on the display of equipment. But what does it mean? How are they counted? Answers in this file.

What is the Repairability Index?

The repair index is a score between 0 and 10 which shows the ability of the mobile phone to be repaired by the owner or service provider. Since January 1, 2021, it has been informing consumers about the durability of the product they want to buy and the possibility of repair in case of damage.

This index also used for 4 other types of products know:

  • Laptop PCs;
  • televisions;
  • washing machine;
  • Lawn mowers.

It follows the type code that enables it to be read:

  • and red for equipment rated 0 to 1.9;
  • L’orange for indicators between 2 and 3.9;
  • and yellow for any index greater than or equal to 4 and less than or equal to 5.9;
  • and green green for indicators between 6 and 7.9;
  • and dark green for any index greater than or equal to 8.

How is indexability index calculated?

Five main steps is taken into account when calculating the repair index of a smartphone. Each of them includes sub-sections that are the subject of specific articles.

We get it that way a total of 20 for each major standardthen by adding the numbers of the 5 metals, we get the result of 100. This is divided by 10 to get the formula for preparing the drug.

Here are 5 steps in detail:

Technical documentation

To get a good mark on this first test, the manufacturer must fProvide all documents to allow easy maintenance and repair of the device. This includes, among others, schematics, exploded views and instruction manuals.

In addition, the availability of documents is also considered when writing this standard. To get the main points, the builder must make the documents for a minimum period of 7 years.

Ease of dropping

As its name suggests, this measure is concerned with how the smartphone can be divided into two parts :

  • Are tools required to access the main components?
  • How many steps does it take to get this?
  • Are some removable and easy to replace?

The answers to these questions define the score assigned to the device.

Availability of replacement equipment

As the manufacturer makes more components, such as screens and displays, available to consumers and designers, the upgrade will be to this standard.

In addition, delivery times and the number of years available are also considered.

To get the main points of this measurement, the manufacturer must make replacement parts within 3 days. After eleven days, the brand receives zero.

The cost of replacement equipment compared to the cost of new equipment

One thing is to make parts available quickly and for a long time. But don’t spoil the eye of the head for the buyer.

So here we arerespect the cost of the parts compared to a new device. The calculation method is different from other methods, but it is simple.

The cost of the most expensive part is added to the cost of the other models. This amount is divided by two and divided by the authorized price of a new smartphone.
The number of points obtained depends on the results.

If a brand gets a rating less than or equal to 0.3, it gets a zero for this measure. To have 20 points, the ratio must be equal to 0.1.

What it is made of

This changes depending on the type of drug. For a mobile phone to be good here, it has to be provide important system update information and remote support. Finally, the manufacturer must provide an option to reset the device.


Repairability Index: Which Brands Are Rated Best?

In order to keep up with what they have to do, many brands have published their plans since the beginning of the year. Meanwhile, The French version of Crosscall takes the first place on the podium with its phones Crosscall Core-M4Go and Core-X4 each have 8.8/10.

These positive results are explained, in part, by the fact that these devices are designed to be used for many years. The company has also been manufacturing replacement parts for at least ten years.

Fairphone comes after Crosscall with a rating of 8.7/10. These are, among other things, connected to the screwdriver provided in the box so that consumers can remove their smartphone themselves to repair it.

With its Galaxy S21 showing an 8.2/10 update, Samsung has a respectable place in the rankings. The Galaxy Note 20, A12 and A42 also have a score above 8/10. The South Korean brand is reaping its best performances thanks to the good availability of spare parts and a detailed manual for each tool.


Apple, on the other hand, is the worst student in terms of repairing the index with 6/10 for the iPhone 12 and 4.6/10 for the iPhone 11. This information is explained among other things by the access to the iPhone equipment and the ultra-selective repair network. The situation that the Cupertino company justifies is its desire to maintain a certain quality of its equipment.


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