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When James Bond meets Sherlock Holmes for a medieval barbecue

The investigation, theological battle and a wonderful detective are the main ingredients The name of the roseMedieval Enlightenment Reading.

If there is one era affected by his representation, it is the Middle Ages. It has been pointed out that after the French Revolution, it was the dark ages where all evil flourished. She conjured up several nightmares for a long time. About the strictness of social relations, the poverty of knowledge or evolution, the influence of religion or the primacy of violence. And what helped to qualify this vision was neither the desire of the cinema for vulgar scenes nor the search for an identity refuge for certain political families.

And that’s why The name of the rose It’s different. Jean-Jacques Annaud here presents us with an investigation that complements the contemporary representation, since he always focuses on a particular moment or conflict. Likewise Here is a basic text edited by Umberto Eco.a genius semiologist, emeritus medievalist and historian of Catholic dogma.

It was enough to tell a Franciscan theologian how to solve a bloody police mystery, pretending to be a theological debate in the midst of a simulated world war.

Chase the monks

Knights of the field

However, the discovery of the feature film is enough to turn anyone who has little reason to break into an endless cold sweat at first glance. And this, as soon as it was opened. Two tiny figures risk themselves in a wind-swept landscape that we assume is snow. Between Provence and Liguria, at once The temperature does not allow you to cook an egg directly in the arch of the foot From the first light of dawn, we are witnessing an impossibly difficult crossing.

The two travelers are strikingly prominent at the heart of this lunar landscape, the edges of which are unearthly, and the weather is marked so as not to evoke some lunar Golgotha.. Quite a few planes are getting deserted. Later, and here they are at the foot of the great abbey, an impenetrable citadel where a few poor people are piled up with twisted legs, scraping the frozen ground to eke out a living.

And at least in the beginning, what makes the dream come again is not that they come in a religious institution. In the spiritual order, we find just as many broken backs, twisted arms, frozen smiles. Who knows the Homeric conflict has broken jaws. And the venerable dean of the community, with strong hospitality, but have we not noticed their dogmatic aridity, as well as their blind students? With rare exceptions, from extras to secondary characters, everyone seems to have come from a macabre dance sprung from a different, devious imagination.


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