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When will we announce the name of the new actor in the 007 skin?

By Boris S.

Posted on January 27, 2022 at 14:35

Who will be the new James Bond? The question is on everyone’s mind after Daniel Craig announced his departure from the franchise. We have not received a response yet. However, we may be hours away from knowing the identity of the new 007. Explanations

At the end of 2015, Daniel Craig was at the top of his game. Sky FallIn the year The James Bond saga released in 2012 is one of the greatest stories ever. The whole world is waiting patiently to know the continuation of 007’s adventures. Spectrum, which will not be accepted as one vote. Daniel Craig surprises everyone when he announces his return to service for the fifth time… and for the last time. The actor contradicted himself a few weeks later: Spectrum It was the last lap. A year later, as the iconic fifth film begins production, Daniel Craig has yet to officially bid farewell to the franchise. His decision not to make, at the end of a long production process is for great fatigue. It’s important to wait until 2017 to hear him confirm his last take on the role of James Bond. Dying can wait. In the year It is slated to release in 2020. Then the epidemic etc. James Bond N°5 hits the screens in December 2021.

These constant back-and-forths shouldn’t make us lose sight of the question that was asked seven years ago: Who will replace Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond? A painful transition period, much feared by fans, begins. “James Bond returns,” we officially promise. When does the one here come first. Candidates are not lost. On the way out Dying can wait., editors Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. The tongues began to loosen in the corridors of MGM without clearly hearing any names. But Broccoli and Wilson confirmed one big rumor: He has a chance to sign fan favorite Idris Elba.

When will we know the identity of the new James Bond?

Even with a crystal ball, it’s hard to answer that question clearly. However, a journalist from Deadline He took to his Twitter account to discuss the James Bond question with a reliable source. Brace yourselves: We might get some “exciting information” after the Oscars. “If not a guarantee, a chance to hear a name in the spring” might be more accurate. But the source is reliable. In the year We are two months away from finding out the name of the actor who will receive the famous registration number 007 at the Oscars on March 27. In the year 2022 promises to be a great vintage in the franchise. Of course, if you can’t wait for a new James Bond in theaters, we’ll be celebrating the saga’s 60th anniversary… with a martini mixed with a shaker!

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